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My USA SWAP Experience

I recently had the opportunity to partake in the swap scheme run at L.E.K., which is an excellent program that gives those with 2-3 years experience the chance to swap places with a colleague in another of our worldwide offices.  I was very lucky as I was able to swap to Boston for six months and then head straight to Chicago for a second three-month swap.

Why Consulting is Right for Me

My name is Tony, and I am entering my second year as a Consultant in the L.E.K. London office.  Prior to L.E.K., I was a student at Harvard Business School and prior to that, I was a consultant at a large firm in New York.  I decided to go back into consulting because I felt that I still had a lot to learn and develop within a professional services setting.

What Makes L.E.K. Unique?

There are a number of things that make L.E.K. Consulting an attractive place to work. Read more to find out what they are.

Transitioning From Academia to Life Sciences Consulting at L.E.K. London

I have always had a strong interest in science and this led me to pursue a PhD in biophysics immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree. However, having spent the time conducting research in an academic environment, I realized that I did not want to pursue this as a career...

Why I Chose Consulting After a Ph.D.

I joined L.E.K. two years ago as a Life Sciences Specialist (LSS) in the Los Angeles office, and since then have been promoted to Senior LSS. I am often asked, “Why did you go into consulting after acquiring a Ph.D.?” More brazen people will follow that question up with, “Did you just do it for the money?” I smile and begin to explain that for me and most Ph.D.s in consulting that I know, the pay is not first on the list of reasons for a Ph.D. to go into consulting...

Associate Recruiting: Australia FAQs

From outstanding academic achievement and comfort with quantitative analysis to initiative and commitment and strong communication skills, L.E.K. regional recruiting teams review potential associate candidates on many levels. The recruiting process lets L.E.K. learn how a candidate thinks and responds to business issues relevant to our work and gives us insight into a candidate's motivation and interest in strategy consulting with L.E.K. Consulting specifically. For those interested in associate-level positions in the Australia region, here are some answers to frequently asked questions for the upcoming recruiting cycle. 

Day in the Life, First-Year Associate

It’s fast-paced, challenging, and on Fridays you get to do it in jeans: welcome to the life of a first-year associate at L.E.K.!

L.E.K. Training and Development

At L.E.K. we place great importance on delivering a highly specialized training program for all levels of the firm.  My colleagues in the London office talk about how this has helped them to develop a valuable and wide-ranging set of skills.

My Summer Consultancy in London

My name is Avi. I am a second year MBA student at London Business School and an engineer by education.  Before my MBA I worked for 6.5 years at a global water treatment solution provider in various roles. I recently concluded an eight week internship with L.E.K. Consulting as a Summer Consultant and would like to share my experience.

Why L.E.K.?

After my summer internship with L.E.K. in 2011, I spent time thinking about the next step in my career and why L.E.K. would be the right place for me to progress.  While there were many factors that brought me back to L.E.K., including the intelligent and highly engaged people, the high-level challenging work, and the in-office culture, perhaps most important was the management experience I knew I would gain immediately.  When you join L.E.K. out of graduate school, you manage a team of associates right away and the opportunity to gain and develop those skills stood out to me as a key differentiator.  The obvious next question I often get asked is, “that sounds great, but how does L.E.K. prepare you for such a challenging role to walk into on day one??”