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Our experience Down Under

Our Melbourne swap was incredible as we worked on a great range of projects in a fantastic new city. From a pricing strategy for a clothing retailer, to a strategy re-think for a Tier2 bank, the Melbourne office infused our minds with knowledge in a number of industries.

What Does a Career in Consulting Look Like?

My summer consultant internship experience at the L.E.K. Chicago office flew by this past summer. I had never worked in consulting before and the program was a great crash course in how L.E.K. specifically and consulting generally worked.

Swapping to a Place I'd Never Been

I spent the last three months working in the L.E.K. Shanghai office on a one-way swap along with my colleague Alison, a consultant from the Chicago office. I’d always been keen on going on swap and was interested in working in a country I had yet to visit.

Mentoring Imperial College Consulting Club Projects

L.E.K. mentors teams from the Imperial Consulting Group who are doing student-led consulting projects, helping them run their projects like we would run them.

Letter from America – Reflections On My Time in San Francisco

2016 had barely rung in before I was packed and ready for the unknown, to a city of fogs, hills, tech start-ups and hipsters. An  adventure awaited that led me to discover things about myself that I never knew I never knew and had a phenomenal time. So, the next time someone suggests I pack my bags and set off into the unknown, I suspect I’ll be pretty quick to say yes!

International Politics and Management Consulting

I didn’t know much about strategy consulting prior to this summer – after all, I am an International Politics major at Georgetown and have never taken a business class before. Needless to say, I was very nervous about my summer internship.

A True Chicagoan for the Summer with L.E.K.

This summer I embarked upon an internship journey at L.E.K. Consulting. As one of the many Northwestern students who lives and breathes consulting, I couldn’t wait to finally get a first-hand taste of this industry I had so aggressively been pursuing.

What L.E.K. Consulting Gave Me

My internship at L.E.K. Consulting gave me many things--even three years before I came to the firm. I detail just a few of the things I gained from L.E.K. during my nine-week internship and prior. 

L.E.K. Consulting ranked among Top-10 Best Firms according to Vault

Working at L.E.K. has been a wonderful experience and apparently a lot of other folks agree! We are pleased to announce that L.E.K. Consulting has ranked among the Top-10 Best firms to work for according to the 2017 Vault Consulting 50 Survey.

Collaborative Teams and Rich Discussions to Crack the Case

I had a fantastic time working as a summer consultant with L.E.K. Consulting in the Los Angeles office. My internship was highly rewarding, and as I reflect on the experience I had over the last nine weeks, many reasons come to mind as to why I enjoyed it. I will expound upon a few of them.