Variety: The Spice of L.E.K.

One of the main reasons I wanted to work for L.E.K. was because of the opportunity to work on different business problems across a wide variety of industries. The diversity of work I have experienced so far has certainly exceeded my expectations!

You could be finishing analysis of Scotch whisky exports on Friday and then find yourself diving deep into the world of jet engine manufacturing the following Monday. Similarly, you may move from researching the chilled food logistics market to comparing highly engineered products for the energy industry or from establishing the demand for drug-delivery devices to understanding the legislation of environmental response services.

I see this variety as a tremendous opportunity for a number of reasons. Firstly, it opens up new areas of interest and allows one to acquire knowledge that would have been otherwise untapped. Secondly, it has allowed me to develop some key consulting skills very quickly. Finally, it helps to make a more informed decision as to which area to specialize in in the future, either within L.E.K. or if I choose to transfer into an industry.

Working at L.E.K. has not only enabled me to experience a wide mix of projects, it has done so in a better way than other firms might have done.  Consulting life is generally associated with a lot of travel - however, L.E.K. is different. Compared with other firms we spend a lot of time in our home office rather than at a client site. It is not to say that we don’t get out of our office at all; L.E.K. just does a great job of avoiding unnecessary travel. I prefer it this way as it allows you to spend more time in the friendly (and fun!) environment of our office. It is also easier to organize your personal life as you can commit to dinner plans and sports schedules, and last but not least, you get to enjoy London (my home office) or another city more!

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