From a Degree in French to a Full-Time Associate

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect. As I walked through the front door of L.E.K.’s London office as a new associate in early September, I wasn’t sure what to expect: I had never worked in consulting and had studied French at university –not the finance or economics degree that one might expect from a new-joiner at a leading global strategy firm. Although I asked many questions during the interview process and done as much research as I possibly could, I was still unsure exactly what lay in wait for me.

However, as everyone began to introduce themselves it became clear that not having any experience in the consulting industry does not make you an anomaly. My peer group has a wide variety of backgrounds: some have just left university, some have just finished their Ph.D.s, and some have worked in other industries prior to consulting. Additionally, the more people I met, the more it became evident that a business-related degree was absolutely not a pre-requisite for the role.

My first two weeks at L.E.K. were spent in training. As we walked in we were given a detailed timetable of the two-week orientation program we were about to undertake. It had all been meticulously planned down to the last 15 minutes and for me, this highlighted just how seriously L.E.K. takes the training of its staff.

It had been made clear to me during my interview that part of L.E.K.’s vision is to be “the fastest and best at developing outstanding business talent” and this was further underlined when we received a talk about the training program L.E.K. delivers to all new associates.  Suffice it to say that throughout my first three years at the firm, I will have accumulated almost two months of training.

Since I finished the two week orientation program, I have been working on a case looking at the European Strategy for a major global industrials company. Everyone I have worked with has been extremely welcoming and has taken the time to answer my questions and teach me new ways of doing things. Although I feel like I have learned a phenomenal amount in my first six weeks, I still have plenty more to learn!

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