"SWAP-ping" from Melbourne to London

I have worked at L.E.K. in Australia for nearly four years and the SWAP program has definitely been one of my most enjoyable and valued experiences since I joined the firm.  The SWAP program offers anyone who has been with firm for at least 12 months the opportunity to swap with a peer from an international office for six months. I swapped to L.E.K. London from January to June 2014, which was beneficial from both a personal and professional development perspective.

Professionally, it was interesting to see how transferrable our skills are across regions. It was also invaluable to gain some insight into some of the cultural and regional differences in the London office that ultimately have an impact on the approach and outcomes of casework. I was particularly fortunate in this sense, having the opportunity to work for a French client as well as numerous other clients based in the UK. The program also provided me with an opportunity to work and learn about different industries that we have less exposure to in our Australian offices.

Personally, it was great to build a number of new friendships with colleagues and reconnect with London swaps that had spent time in Melbourne. It is amazing how like-minded we all are despite coming from opposite ends of the world. Being close to Continental Europe was also a big draw card of the London SWAP experience. During my six months I managed to squeeze in a number of weekend getaways and an extended break at the end of my SWAP visiting locations such as Sicily, Berlin, Istanbul and Scandinavia.  This supplementary travel not only provided me with opportunities to experience different European cultures, but it also helped build long-lasting friendships traveling with other swaps in London from our U.S. and Asian offices.

Overall, SWAP was a great and unique offering with L.E.K. and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested. This experience makes L.E.K. different from others –when else would you have the chance to get up and go to another part of the world to work for six months and learn about the cultures and traditions of another country?

The variety of casework and the opportunity to work abroad make L.E.K. a truly “global” firm.

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