5 Great New Articles About Interviewing and Careers

I’m back with new articles that I think provide some pretty good advice about careers. Enjoy!

1. How to Ace an Impromptu Interview
By Brazen Careerist
Overview:  You never know when you could bump into a future boss. Four tips for preparation.

2. To Cover Letter or Not to Cover Letter?
By CareerDiva
Overview: Is a cover letter a way to stand out or a waste of time? A national career expert has the answer.

3. Why is it Taking so Long to Hear Back After Your Job Interview?
By U.S. News
Overview: The universal job-search question is finally answered.

4. When Job Search Email Goes Missing
By Executive Career Brand
Overview: How to prevent your job search emails from landing in spam filter traps.

5. Putting Happiness First in Your Job Search
By Vault
Overview: The five factors to catch and keep a satisfying job.

What are the articles and careers resources that you think are especially helpful? Send me your suggestions.


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Yes, you can also find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheLEKAdvisor and our Twitter handle is @LEKadvisor. Thanks for the note.
And I was just wondernig about that too!

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