A Mom’s Perspective on Work-Life Balance at L.E.K.

L.E.K.’s Lisa Q. talks about balancing work and family

I am an Engagement Manager in L.E.K. Consulting’s Boston office. I started my career at L.E.K. in 2006 as an Associate after working in Proteomics Research for several years and then deciding that I needed something that would offer a more fast-paced environment while still allowing me to work in life sciences. 

When I first started at L.E.K., the idea of “work-life balance” meant getting home to my fiancé, going to the gym and not traveling all the time. Since then, I have gotten married and we now have two wonderful young daughters. Now, my idea of work-life balance is being able to devote enough time to both my family and my career to feel satisfied as a mom and as a busy Manager in the Life Sciences practice. It’s not always easy, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how willing L.E.K. has been to work with me to try to satisfy both needs.

I had my first daughter when I was a Consultant, working on one case at a time. After returning from maternity leave, I realized how important it was for me to be home for dinner and bed time each night. L.E.K. allowed me to set my schedule so that I could leave the office each night at a time that would allow me to do both of these things and then get back online from home later in the evening if I need to.

In addition, L.E.K. offers a relatively light travel schedule, which truly facilitates this arrangement. Granted sometimes things came up that changed plans, but with good communication with my teams I was able to make this work and be home for my daughter the vast majority of nights.

I just recently had my second daughter, and the demands of being a mom have increased quite a bit (more than I thought they would!). Now, I have worked out a different schedule with L.E.K. that allows me to work part time. This means that I work on one case at a time (most Managers work on two cases at a time), and can get home to spend more time with my family each night. Again, sometimes things come up, but I’m happy to be flexible when necessary since L.E.K. has been so flexible with me.

The nice thing about my current situation is that it doesn’t have to be permanent. It’s been made very clear to me that I can take advantage of this alternative work schedule now but can return full-time or work out a different arrangement at any point if I choose to do so. There are many of us that are taking on these alternative work schedules – from taking an hour or two at night for personal reasons or working a part-time schedule.

Whether it is due to a family situation or other personal considerations, L.E.K. has worked hard to allow us these opportunities. Sometimes the pendulum swings more one way or the other, but overall, the flexible opportunities are working for me and have allowed me to feel satisfied as a working mom.

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