Set Up for Success

What surprised me most about my summer internship at L.E.K. was the extent to which the firm provided my fellow interns and me with resources that set us up to succeed and ensured we all had enjoyable summers.

The program started with a week of training at the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod, where we eased into our internships in a beautiful and relaxing setting. During the day, full-time L.E.K'ers led classroom sessions on topics such as PowerPoint, Excel and management decisions as we worked through the full life-cycle of a case, using one of the firm's past quick-service restaurant projects. In the evenings, we explored the area and enjoyed the resort amenities while getting to know our intern classmates from across the country.

The following week, we returned to our regional offices to start our first cases. Summer Consultants or "Summer C's" as we were called, are typically assigned to a case with a full-time Consultant. Everyone on my cases (I completed two during my internship), regardless of level, was always more than happy to take time to explain L.E.K. standards or answer my many questions.

All interns were assigned a Buddy, a recent alumnus of our b-school, who worked in our office and who would take us out for coffee or lunch or just check in with us throughout the summer. We were also assigned a Career Development Coach (CDC), a Partner at the firm who played a similar role as the Buddy but who had deeper industry experience and who offered a longer term perspective of the firm.

Each week, the interns gathered for an Industry Lunch where a Partner would provide an in-depth look one of L.E.K.'s practice areas. This was a great opportunity to ask questions about past cases/clients, industry trends and L.E.K. capabilities.

Finally, the best for last: The HR Team did an outstanding job of planning activities throughout the summer that allowed us to socialize with L.E.K.'ers at all levels. Some highlights include dinner at one of the Partner's houses in Concord, an evening sail on Boston Harbor, the Summer Outing (for the entire Boston Office) in Portland, Maine  and the last day celebration at Lawn on D.

I completed my internship with a full understanding of L.E.K.'s culture and the role of a Consultant and, most importantly, having worked with a ton of smart, talented and nice people.



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