Frosty's Friends

This past December, L.E.K. Boston partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) to participate in their Holiday Gift Program.  Known around the office as ‘Frosty’s Friends,’ this initiative has become a cornerstone of the Community Impact Committee’s annual programming.  To kick off Frosty’s Friends, BGCB provided L.E.K. Boston with a list of ~100 local youth who are members of their afterschool programs across Boston and Chelsea.  The list featured three items for each child, ranging from remote-controlled cars and art kits to skateboards and stuffed animals.


Shortly after the signup list for these items was circulated, we began to see visible progress as the gifts piled up in a corner of the 20th floor lunch room.  When all was said and done, every item on the list had been purchased, totaling 300 gifts!  (With a few extra items added in here and there, for good measure.)  Once the gifts had been counted, organized, and labeled, a large group of L.E.K. volunteers delivered them to the BGCB headquarters on Congress Street.  L.E.K. Boston was thrilled to participate in this program once again, and we all look forward to another successful Frosty’s Friends in 2016!







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