A Day in the Life as an Associate Consultant

A common L.E.K. saying is that no two days here are ever the same.

8:30am: Arrive at the office a bit earlier than normal to sift through emails, knowing that there are a lot of meetings on my calendar today and I want to get a head start.

9:00am: Check in with my Consultant on the Managing Directors’ comments on our model analysis slides from the prior evening, and start flowing some of our changes to our Excel and Powerpoint.

9:30 Swing up to the Information Resource Center (IRC) to chat with our wonderful staff and get assistance using one of our major aviation databases to pull a data set for my model.

10:30am: Dial into a phone conference with our internal communications team and national Women’s Network leadership to discuss our initiative for new content ideas to expand Women’s Network communication on the intranet.

12:00pm: Head up to the 21st floor of our office for a case team meeting with the MDs. Today, we’re preparing for our client call this afternoon to run through our presentation materials, assign presenting roles, and align on any potential questions among team members.

1:30pm: Join the Associates on my team for a market participant interview focusing on technology innovation at airports. Our conversation today is trying to understand the competitive landscape of technology developers.

3:00pm: By this point I need my afternoon coffee!

3:30pm: Meet back up with my case team to dial into an update call with our client team. Today we’re discussing the strategy and presentation slides for an update on our project to the company’s C-level leadership.

5:00pm: Our call was very productive, and the team debriefs the major action items and updates we’ve discussed to get the next version of our slides ready for early next week.

6:00pm: Tonight is our team’s Out by Six, so I make sure that I have my to-do list set for tomorrow and head home to enjoy an evening off!

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