Why I Came Back to Consulting After my MBA

Prior to business school at the MIT Sloan School of Management, I worked at a boutique consultancy in NYC whose stated mission was to transform healthcare.  Our work was challenging and meaningful; for example, helping a public Emergency Department run efficiently and reduce its wait times was no small task.  However, I found that pitching the business case for scaling up at the organizational and systemic level to our client was an uphill battle.  Though ultimately I was fortunate to be part of driving operational improvements across the client hospital corporation, I wanted to be able to access higher-level leadership within our client organizations and help them think about strategic issues with true transformational impact.

Working in L.E.K.'s Boston office has enabled me to do just that; I've had the opportunity to interact with our clients' executive teams on key strategic issues for growth such as:

  • Which markets a large health insurer should focus on
  • What types of hospital systems (and which ones specifically) a global medtech client should target
  • How to turn around a less-than-successful product launch for a medical device manufacturer, and
  • How attractive are the underlying markets to support our private equity client's investment in a food packaging company?  Or a personal care products manufacturer?

Each of the above clients has received significant value from our work, and I've gotten the chance to work with more than half a dozen clients (and manage more than a dozen associates) in a year, as compared to the two clients and two analysts I worked with over three years in my last job. 

Even with the fast pace and outcome-oriented nature of our work at L.E.K., I've realized in looking back over this past year that our teams truly invest in the process of strategic big-picture thinking, rigorous analytics and personal development to advance learning and make long-lasting impact -- both for our clients and colleagues.  And this is what has made my decision to return to consulting worth all the intense case prepping and interviewing!

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