Beginning my Six-Month Swap From the U.S. to the U.K.

An L.E.K. Associate talks about working in the London office for six months in a “Swap” program from the Boston office.

One of L.E.K.’s unique attributes is its commitment to provide an international experience for Associates within their first years of tenure here.  This stems from the firm’s overarching goals to develop the best business talent and operate as “One L.E.K.” across the globe.  One way that L.E.K. helps to meet this commitment is through the Swap Program, which enables an Associate to spend six months in another region by “swapping” places with a colleague from another participating office. 

After two years with L.E.K. in Boston, I decided it was the right time for me to take part in this experience.  In September, I began my Swap to London and have been settling in for the past month.  Looking back on my first few weeks here, it really has been an amazing experience from the start.  I have been given a chance to grow, both personally and professionally, in ways that would have been difficult without this program. 

Moving to a new country where you don’t know many people or local norms really does shake you out of your comfort zone… in a good way.  Since arriving in London, I have found myself having to be more proactive and assertive, introducing myself to new people and taking an active role in getting involved in as many activities as possible.  While everyone I’ve met at L.E.K. London has been incredibly warm and welcoming, I have still needed to put myself out there in ways I would not in Boston.   

Professionally, having the opportunity to work in a new setting and a new geography has been a tremendous growth experience.  Working with people from different backgrounds and cultures has been very valuable for my own understanding and development.  While I am at the same firm, in the same role, with the same mission, it has been interesting to see another side of L.E.K.  Spending time in another office has led me to appreciate the diversity of business problems that L.E.K. helps clients to solve. 

When grabbing a pint with new L.E.K. friends at the pub after work, wandering through the city on the weekends, or when glimpsing the illuminated London Eye and Parliament along the Thames in the evening, it is not lost on me how lucky I am to work at L.E.K. and how thankful I am for this opportunity.


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