Part Two: Associate to Executive Director to Consultant in 3 Years

Leaving L.E.K. was a difficult decision for me. I truly enjoyed the work and my colleagues, but I felt like joining Main Street Partners (MSP) was the perfect opportunity to continue developing professionally and explore the social sector—something I was always curious about. When I talked to my mentors and peers about the opportunity, they were extremely helpful in thinking through what each option would look like. Ultimately, I decided to leave L.E.K. When I resigned, the managing directors and HR team were supportive and accommodating. They were excited to have me follow my curiosities and passions, but they were sure to let me know that the door to L.E.K. was not closing. This is obviously a very unique way to leave a company—but I think it goes to show how supportive and flexible the environment at L.E.K. really is.

I felt like my time at L.E.K. had positioned me well (as a 23 year old) to run MSP—which is pretty incredible. I ran meetings with senior executives at major corporations as well as with senior government officials, managed more than 200 volunteers from top-tier firms, “sold” pro-bono projects to urban small business owners throughout Boston, developed strategic growth plans for the organization, and ran board meetings. During that time, MSP grew tremendously—we went from serving ~10 small businesses per year to more than 30, while maintaining an equally strong impact on the businesses we were working with.

I remained in close contact with many of my peers and colleagues from L.E.K. and often turned to them for guidance, ideas and support. After just under two years, I decided that I would like to re-shift my focus back to consulting and bring my perspective from working directly to grow an organization to helping to develop growth strategies for many other firms across various industries.

I reached out to the managing directors at L.E.K. and discussed the possibility of returning to the company. They were extremely receptive. I returned just a few weeks ago and I am enjoying the challenge. L.E.K. is a great place to grow, develop and be challenged by yourself and by the people around you. It is also a firm that will work with you and support you so that you can fulfill your needs and interests. They were receptive to me wanting to explore an industry I was interested in learning more about, and they were receptive about me wanting to bring those experiences back to L.E.K. It’s nice to know that the firm values me and is willing to support me in my career both within and beyond L.E.K. I feel very lucky to have the continued opportunity to grow professionally in such a supportive environment!

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