My Summer Internship Experience - Oliver E.

The culture at L.E.K. has played an important role in making the internship a thoroughly enjoyable experience and reflects on the people centered ethos of the company. The office has a very welcoming atmosphere and everyone in your “office area” is always happy to answer questions or help work through problems with you. This extends beyond the sphere of work, with social events organized once a month to bring the whole office together, which included a trip to a 20-20 cricket match at the Oval and the office summer party on a boat on the Thames.

L.E.K. has a very meritocratic working culture which was apparent even as a Summer Associate. A positive work ethic and high quality level of output is soon rewarded with increasing levels of responsibility in your case including interviewing directors of companies, independent research tasks and producing output for the final presentation to the client. There is a high degree of professional pride in every task completed and everyone is encouraged to thoroughly quality control every piece of work, which helped to build best practices in Excel, PowerPoint and research skills.

The culture at L.E.K. has been key to ensuring a successful internship, both in terms of enjoying every day in the office and producing real value add to my case.

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