My Favorite Healthcare Case

From career fairs to coffee chats, one of the most common questions I get is “What is your favorite case?” Having been on ~20 cases in the last two years, it’s not easy to pinpoint a favorite. I started at L.E.K. as a generalist and chose to dedicate myself to the Healthcare Services practice about a year and a half later. Here is one case that helped me make that decision.

Industry: Healthcare services

Client: A leading long-term care provider

Case context: In light of the ongoing shift to accountable financial models in healthcare, the client asked L.E.K. to explore more innovative payment models and develop strategies for the client to “win” in the new healthcare landscape. To meet this objective, we needed to assess drivers of the market evolution, perspectives of various stakeholders, and competitive actions and learnings.

Case team: The people make the experience. On this team, I worked with a junior associate, senior associate, consultant, senior consultant, and four managing directors. Everyone on the team had an upbeat attitude and our meetings were never short of laughter. Best of all—one of the managing directors brought munchkins to the team in the morning.

My role: This was an atypical case in that there was limited quantitative analysis. I led and participated in over 30 interviews with senior executives at healthcare providers and insurance companies, as well as other key opinion leaders in the industry. I helped to develop a framework for profiling and benchmarking competitors, including highlighting best practices. What I enjoyed about this case – and what helped me make the decision to specialize in healthcare – is gleaning insights from senior industry leaders and thinking strategically about how companies can achieve both strong healthcare outcomes and a robust bottom-line in a rapidly changing environment. 

Key outcome: Ultimately, we furthered the client’s understanding of stakeholder needs and the competitive environment. We prioritized a set of initiatives and investments the client should consider to build long-term success. This project was at the core of a key strategic initiative for the client. We worked directly with C-level executives and our recommendations may likely have a high and lasting impact on the company.

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