Packages of Hope: Humanitarian Aid to Syria

From baking cakes to running races, there’s always something going on at L.E.K. to raise money for a good cause.

One of the recent efforts I was involved in was coordinating a collection for the “Road to Syria” convoy, a humanitarian aid package organised by two UK registered charities; Hand in Hand for Syria and Human Concern.

The aim of the convoy was to create awareness of what is happening in Syria and allow people to safely contribute to help the innocent people who have suffered there. These “packages of hope” would not only alleviate the suffering of those people, but also bring a message of hope – that the world has not forgotten them.

L.E.K. organised its own contribution to this initiative and the London office was asked to collect nappies, baby milk, sanitary products and other similar items to benefit refugees and civilians inside Syria. To encourage donations, we decided to introduce a bit of competition, with each ‘pod’ (area of the office) allocated a “Team Syria Leader” who was tasked with collecting as much as possible from their pod mates.

To entice people further, a tray of Baklawa (kindly donated by our local restaurant, Noura Lounge) was given to the winning pod with a trophy Fez hat going to the “Team Syria Leader.”

As the week progressed, the piles of nappies items grew until we had a significant contribution to make. One amusing side-effect was hearing the stories from colleagues of how friends and family members began to speculate as to why they were really buying baby items, not quite believing it was all for charity! Nonetheless, L.E.K. resilience showed through as we raised over £1,100 in money and goods in the space of a single week.


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