Highlights From My First Year at L.E.K. Australia

I am an associate in L.E.K.'s Sydney office. Given that many people are making career decisions and plans for their futures, the management consulting field is growing. L.E.K. is hiring in both Melbourne and Sydney. I wanted to take time to tell you some of the highlights from my time at L.E.K. 

Case work: I’ve been really fortunate to work on some very different projects across a number of industries (and a couple of geographies)
Non-case work: Exploring Canberra’s culinary scene and the annual Community Engagement Committee trivia night

What case work has the first year held?
My first case was a performance improvement case with an Electricity distributor. This was an excellent opportunity to work within and alongside employees at a client organization, including members of their senior executive. Since then, I have worked on a due diligence of an Australian fashion retailer and a sales force optimization strategy for a wine producer

What other activities have you been involved in?
In addition to case work, L.E.K. has provided a number of great opportunities in my first year. I’m a member of the Community Engagement Committee which organizes volunteering opportunities as well as fundraising events. I’ve also joined the L.E.K. Lions who are in the midst of defending their title as champions of the prestigious Thursday lunchtime soccer competition

What am I looking forward to?
More of the above

Why should students apply to L.E.K.?
I believe that strategy consulting is an excellent place to start your career due to the steep learning curve in the first few years. In addition, working on the interesting strategic issues that face business leaders is a lot of fun

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