Executive Insights: Strategy Activation with L.E.K.Partner Vassilis Economides

Business leaders often invest a lot of time and resources to make the right strategic choices but fall short when it comes to implementation, and thereby fail to meet broader organizational goals. Lack of success can be tied to a traditional two-stage approach that separates a strategy's theory from the practice of its implementation. L.E.K.'s Strategy Activation Consulting work covers all parts of the 'Strategy Cascade' which includes goals, portfolio priorities, business model, organization and action. In this video, L.E.K. London Partner Vassilis Economides explains why businesses often fail to realize the benefits of their strategy and presents L.E.K.'s unique approach to strategy development and implementation: Strategy Activation. 

Learn more about L.E.K.'s approach to Strategy Activation on our website, and read our Executive Insights: Strategy Activation: Improving the Effectiveness and Reducing the Costs of Strategic Change


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