East to West

After my third year at L.E.K. in the Boston office, I knew it was time for a change of scenery. I toyed with the idea of NYC or Chicago -- but after visiting each city, I knew San Francisco was the move for me.

While I was excited for the new adventure and opportunity, I had my doubts about leaving Boston. Born and raised in Massachusetts, I had never really lived anywhere else outside of the state. Other than a quick stint in Rome for a semester of studying abroad, I was an undergrad at Boston College and took a job at the L.E.K. Boston office right after my graduation.

Could I really leave most of my friends and family to move across the country? I had grown so fond of the office culture and of all of my colleagues at 75 State Street; why would I want to leave all of that? And perhaps most importantly, is there any way I could survive without Dunkin' Donuts? As cliché as it sounds, the withdrawal symptoms are real!

It was the summer of 2014 when I took off for San Francisco - and while the fall was nice, anyone from Boston knows that I could not have picked a better winter to move to California. But as I prepared for nicer weather and more friends with tech jobs, I knew there would be some bigger changes coming my way. For one, the Boston Office hosts ~250 people while San Francisco has ~35. Secondly, the variety of case work is slightly different from office to office; and lastly but probably the largest contributor to my anxiety – I didn't know anyone!

The process itself was pretty seamless. I had my start date; I figured out my commute and started to feel more settled in my new neighborhood. I remember the night before my first Monday at the new office feeling like I was starting my job all over again. But as I walked through the doors of 100 Pine Street, heard the familiar hustle and bustle, stared at a familiar desk, and was greeted by friendly and bright faces – I knew there was nothing to worry about.  L.E.K. was the one true constant in one of the biggest transitions of my life. I sat down, smiled to myself, and got back to work.


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