Playing Around During Corporate Volunteer Day

L.E.K. lends a hand during Corporate Volunteer Day

Every year L.E.K. Consulting takes part in a Boston-wide initiative called Corporate Volunteer Day, where we spend a Saturday volunteering at a local school or business.

It’s a great way to help the local community and spend time socializing with L.E.K.-ers outside of the office setting. This spring, I joined 23 other L.E.K.-ers (including two VPs) to help renovate the Charles Sumner Elementary School playground.

When we arrived onsite at 9:00 a.m., the school’s vice principal greeted us and stressed the importance of the work we were going to do that day. She told us that many of the students come from low-income homes and that the school serves as a safe haven for them. Needless to say, her speech made us all the more anxious to get to work and make a difference.

The L.E.K. group was then instructed on the day’s goals:  repaint the picnic tables, paint U.S. and world maps on the ground driveway, and prep the school walls for a mural that the students would create later that spring. We divided ourselves into three teams and got cracking. I started out on the prepping team. Our job was to chip old paint from the school walls to prepare it for repainting. It was hard work! An hour of profuse sweating and embarrassingly scant progress later, I realized my talents were better suited to tasks that did not require physical strength, and I swapped over to the map-painting team. L.E.K. is all about efficiency!

When the group reconvened at 1:30, the playground was transformed. The benches and concrete had been colorfully painted, the wall chipped of old paint, and the weeds removed from the ground. The vice-principal and school staff thanked us and told us how excited the children would be to see the new playground on Monday.

Tired, paint-stained and proud of what we had accomplished that day, the L.E.K. Corporate Volunteer Day group picked up and dispersed. All in all, it was a great day, and I have a paint-spattered pair of jeans by which to remember it!



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