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Making the Most of European Careers Fairs: Putting Personality into the Process

Graduate careers fairs are a fantastic way for us to meet the diverse range of people that are interested in management consulting. It is refreshing to talk to candidates on a one-to-one basis and tell them passionately about the work we do for clients. 

7 Great Sites for Case Questions and Interview Tips

Back when I was trying to land a job, I spent hours scouring for all of the case interview questions that I could get my hands on. To help you prepare for interviews, I wanted to pass along a few resources that may come in handy.

1) Market Sizing Question in Three Steps
From Simply the Case

Application Deadlines FAQ

You have questions about application deadlines and we have answers. As you’ll see, they do vary a bit. There are a number of schools that we’ve built strong relationships with over the years that have established specific application deadlines with us (including some Ivy League schools in the U.S., the London Business School, etc.). Check out the complete list of school-specific application deadlines here.

5 Articles to Help Your Career

I’m back with this week’s roundup of articles that I think have some pretty good career advice.

1. 11 Job Search Tips for 2011
    Overview: Steps to refocus your job search and outshine other candidates.

Fast Facts About Applying to L.E.K. Consulting

We’re back on campus talking to candidates and getting a lot of great questions about the company and the application process. I’ve created a quick FAQ to address some of the most popular questions that we typically receive about applying to L.E.K.

Q:  Where do I apply?
A:  We have an online application process. Visit us at to find additional background on the application process and how you can apply.