The Recruiting Experience

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Choosing a Career Path: How I Came to Consulting

Choosing a major in college was the first time I had to seriously consider what I really wanted to do in life. I took as many classes as I could and while there were a few classes I didn’t enjoy that I removed, I still could not figure out what I wanted to do.

My L.E.K. Australia Summer Associate Experience

It’s hard to believe that it was almost three years ago that my journey with L.E.K. began. As a wide-eyed Commerce and Business Information Systems student at Monash University, I had a bit of exposure to consulting, but strategy consulting was still a mystery to me.

Going from Summer Associate to Full-Time Associate in L.E.K. Australia

I joined L.E.K.’s Sydney office as a fresh-faced summer associate in 2012 following three years of an Economics/Law degree at Sydney University. Truth be told, I applied to L.E.K. hoping for something to keep me out of trouble over the summer and not fully understanding what management consulting involved nor what an L.E.K. associate actually did.

Australia Summer Associate Program 2014 - Recruiting Now!

Our summer associate internship is designed to give undergraduates the opportunity to gain insight into an associate career with L.E.K. Consulting.  The internship includes an intensive orientation followed by client case work fulfilling the role of a first year associate, within a supportive and collaborative team environment. Positions are available in our Sydney and Melbourne offices and run for 10 weeks beginning in December.

Associate Recruiting: Australia FAQs

From outstanding academic achievement and comfort with quantitative analysis to initiative and commitment and strong communication skills, L.E.K. regional recruiting teams review potential associate candidates on many levels. The recruiting process lets L.E.K. learn how a candidate thinks and responds to business issues relevant to our work and gives us insight into a candidate's motivation and interest in strategy consulting with L.E.K. Consulting specifically. For those interested in associate-level positions in the Australia region, here are some answers to frequently asked questions for the upcoming recruiting cycle. 

My Summer Consultancy in London

My name is Avi. I am a second year MBA student at London Business School and an engineer by education.  Before my MBA I worked for 6.5 years at a global water treatment solution provider in various roles. I recently concluded an eight week internship with L.E.K. Consulting as a Summer Consultant and would like to share my experience.

Part II: Sample Case Interview Question w/ Chris

We're kicking off 2014 with another sample case interview video. A few weeks ago we posted Part I featuring my colleague Francesco. This week Chris will answer the same question with a slightly different approach. Enjoy!

Sample Case Interview Question w/ Francesco

Practice a case interview with us! My colleague Francesco, an Engagement Manager here at L.E.K., walks you through a market sizing case interview question and answer. Stay tuned for part II in the next few weeks when Chris will take us through a slightly different approach to the same question. Remember, there's never just one right answer.


Preparing for the Recruitment Experience at L.E.K.

Take advantage of this video to recognize the skills required to work at L.E.K. and understand what we look for during the assessment process. Listen to individual experiences from my colleagues in London and benefit from the tips they provide on how to tackle case study questions.

Welcome to Our 2013 Consulting Staff


L.E.K. America’s Region is pleased to welcome our new 2013 consulting staff. In all, 105 undergraduates, MBAs, and PhDs joined our 5 U.S. offices in July and September. Peter McKelvey, President of The Americas, said, “We are thrilled to have such a talented and diverse group joining our team.”