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L.E.K. Consulting Plans To Snap Up 50 MBAs In 2017

Recently, L.E.K.'s Chief Talent Officer, Lauren Reddy, sat down with Business Because to discuss how L.E.K. plans to actively recruit MBA's looking for strong problem-solving, teamwork, and management skills.

L.E.K. Consulting's São Paulo Office is Hiring!

L.E.K. Consulting's São Paulo Office is Hiring! Read more to find out L.E.K.'s school presentation schedule as well as the dates for test applications. Interested in becoming an associate or intern with L.E.K. São Paulo? All the information you need is in this post. 

My L.E.K. Australia Summer Associate Internship Experience

I applied for the L.E.K. Summer Associate program in my penultimate year of my Science degree at Melbourne University as I felt this was the best way to find out if consulting was the right career choice for me straight out of university. Read about my experience in this latest L.E.K. Advisor post.

Associate Recruitment in L.E.K. Australia- Applications Accepted until March 6

L.E.K. Australia is currently recruiting Associates. Applications are being accepted until March 6th at 11:55 p.m. I interviewed my colleague Allina in the Melbourne office to find out what stood out during her first year at L.E.K. Consulting.

Tips for Interviewing at L.E.K. Consulting - Part 1

In the first of two videos, my colleagues help you prepare for the interview process at L.E.K. Consulting, from how to approach your answers, to what the job will really be like. If you are interested in a career in consulting, start with some of these interview tips. 

What is the Management Consulting Case Interview Like?

L.E.K. colleagues Gil and Lauren go through a sample case interview in this video to help you prepare for this section of your interview at L.E.K. Consulting. Learn more about the discussion process, the clarifying questions, and how to be as transparent as possible during your interview. 

You Have the Job. Now What?

As you drop your signed offer letter into the mail box (or, more likely, click “Submit” on the digital form), it occurs to you that it’s finally official: you’re going to be a consultant!  Now what?

Beyond Academia--Putting my Ph.D. to Real, Practical Use at L.E.K.

I’ve just finished my first two weeks here at L.E.K. and I can say with full confidence that I am where I am supposed to be. Around year three of my Ph.D. at Caltech, I started realizing that academia was not for me...

Life as a Life Sciences Specialist: An Insider Look

So, you’re doing great science, with all the ups and downs that come with great science. You could keep on as a researcher or a practicing physician. But something in you drives you to seek teams to join, fast-paced projects to complete, and maybe even to think about business. If this sounds a bit like you, you might want to consider joining L.E.K. as Life Sciences Specialist (LSS).

How to Prepare for Applying to Consulting Firms

Many potential candidates wonder about how they would fit into consulting if they do not have business major; so the inevitable question arises: “How do I adequately prepare an application?” Whether you majored in business and finance or art history and language, we have put together some tips about how to best prepare for applying to consulting firms. Read my post to find out more.