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Take a Look Inside our Australia Offices - What It's Like to Work at L.E.K.

Meet some of my colleagues at L.E.K. Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are actively recruiting associates for L.E.K. Australia. You may want to know what it's like to work inside one of those offices. This video outlines that no day is typical, and that every case brings a new dimension to your work. Find out more about what it's like to work at L.E.K. Australia.

An Impactful Life Sciences Case

As an associate, I've been able to take on a few interesting cases since I started working at L.E.K. Consulting. In this blog, I will tell you about an intriguing case I served on for our Life Sciences practice. The work differs with every case I am allocated to, and that keeps this field appealing. 

Why Should You Choose L.E.K. over other Management Consulting Firms in Australia?

Australian penultimate graduates are sifting through the myriad of management consulting companies in the market place. How do you know what makes each one different? What makes L.E.K. Consulting stand above the rest? Find out in this video.

Applying to L.E.K. Australia - Applications Accepted Until March 8

L.E.K. Australia is now accepting applications for associates. In this video, the L.E.K. Australia partners and consultants describe the application process and what you can expect going through it.

Australia Recruiting Season Ramps Up - Answers to your FAQs

As Associate recruiting in Australia begins in 2015 for positions commencing in 2016, L.E.K. Australia Recruitment Manager Janine Clifford offers answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

My SWAP from Boston to London

My colleague, Daria, a Senior Life Sciences Specialist, chose to SWAP to L.E.K.'s London office for a six month period to engross herself in the culture, environment, and work life of the area. While there, she's gotten much more than she expected, but feels that this program has enriched her career at L.E.K. Read more to find out about her experience.

L.E.K.'s Andrew Wheeler Awarded the Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for 2015

My colleague, Andrew Wheeler, a 2nd year associate in L.E.K.'s Melbourne, Australia office, was recently awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for 2015. The Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world, and we congratulate Andrew for this honor.

Meet the L.E.K. Boston Office

Meet the folks at L.E.K.'s largest U.S. office. The L.E.K. Boston office is home to nearly 200 employees and works across a variety of industries, clients and casework. The opportunity for community service and fun exists too. Watch our video to learn more about L.E.K. Boston.

Transitioning from Internship to Full Time at L.E.K.

I first joined L.E.K. as a summer intern between my first and second years of business school. The internship flew by as I worked on varied and challenging cases with supportive teams. I benefited from the summer internship much more than I could have predicted...

Meet the L.E.K. New York Office

The L.E.K. New York City office shares what they enjoy about working at the firm, what their colleagues are like, what types of social and corporate activities go on around the office, and much more in our video.