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Executive Insights: Is the U.S. Experiencing a Manufacturing Renaissance?

L.E.K. Managing Director Carol Wingard takes us through the U.S. Manufacturing Survey of more than 200 c-suite manufacturing executives around the U.S. Did they reveal a manufacturing renaissance on the rise in the U.S.? Watch this video to find out. 

East to West

After my third year at L.E.K. in the Boston office, I knew it was time for a change of scenery. I toyed with the idea of NYC or Chicago -- but after visiting each city, I knew San Francisco was the move for me...

L.E.K. Executive Insights: Customer Excellence and Business Model Innovation for MedTech Companies

My colleague, L.E.K. Managing Director Jonas Funk, delivers an Executive Insights on customer excellence and the pairing with product excellence to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions that help solve hospitals' challenges. Funk discusses the opportunity for medical device and medical technology partners to innovate and move away from solely focusing on product innovations and product sales in this video. Watch to learn more.

100 Reasons Why I Returned to L.E.K.

If you asked me during October 2006, when I first interviewed with L.E.K. as a senior in college, if I would still be with the L.E.K. nearly nine years later, I would have never said yes. I didn’t even know what consulting really was as I applied for the Associate role, but it sounded interesting and I told myself that I should try it out for a year or two...

Six months and a Fortune 500 Medical Device Company

My colleague Sharon details her time spent on SWAP in London and an interesting MedTech case she worked on while there. She, like many other L.E.K.ers, took advantage of many cultural excursions in Europe and Asia before coming back to her home office of Chicago. Read more about her experience.

Part Two: Associate to Executive Director to Consultant in 3 Years

Part two of Molly's blog brings her back to L.E.K. Consulting after serving as the Executive Director at Main Street Partners. At 23 years old, Molly feels her experience was incredible--leading meetings with senior executives at large corporations and government officials. Find out more about this experience in her latest post.

Part One: Big Strategy for Small Businesses

Molly came to L.E.K. Consulting after graduating from Boston College. Early in her career she was offered the opportunity to help build a non-profit company called Main Street Partners. Her two-part blog addresses her experience coming into, out of, and back into L.E.K. Consulting and her work with Main Street Partners. 

L.E.K. Executive Insights: Raising Orphans and Treating Rare Diseases

In this featured Executive Insights video, L.E.K. Managing Director Ian Tzeng takes a look at the changing dynamics of the orphan drug market and identifies winning strategies designed to capture value within this sector. Watch the video to find out more.

Across the Pond for Six Months

From Chicago to London for the winter and spring, followed by a trip to southern Africa. In this blog, I detail my SWAP to L.E.K.'s London office and the experiences I had abroad. Find out why SWAP is one of the integral parts of the career path at L.E.K. 

Manual Labor with Impact: L.E.K. at the Greater Boston Food Bank

L.E.K. Boston participated in our bi-annual trip to the Greater Boston Food Bank to package meals for the hungry in and around Boston. This time around, the impact was surely felt. Find out more about L.E.K. Boston's evening at the GBFB.