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Checklist for Selecting the Best Management Consulting Firm for You

As someone who just went through the recruiting process in Australia, I wanted to share some of my experiences. In terms of the recruitment process, the interviews themselves are quite an intense process and that comment applies to all management consulting firms not to L.E.K. specifically. 

My Path from College to L.E.K. Australia

Because I’ve only been working at L.E.K. Australia for less than a month, I’m not an expert on a typical day here. However, I can share some insights into my path here and my early days at the firm.

L.E.K. Associate Application FAQ for Australia

We are currently accepting applications for our Associate Program in Australia. Below, I’ve addressed common questions from undergrad and grad students about applying for L.E.K.’s Associate program in Australia.

Q:  When do applications for the Associate program in Australia close?
A:  Our applications close on Saturday 10th March 2012.

Q:  Where do I apply?
A:  Apply online at

A Day in the Life as a Management Consultant in Melbourne

I hope that this blog post will help bring some clarity to the elusive question – what do management consultants actually do on a day-to-day basis? As an Associate Consultant each case can involve a variety of tasks, some of which include conducting primary and secondary research, crunching numbers and managing some of the junior associates on the case.

Lamisa P. Shares Her Summer Intern Experience at L.E.K.

Today I am a manager in L.E.K. Consulting’s London office, but my L.E.K. career started as a 2008 summer consultant in Boston – my first foray into the corporate world! I was a practicing ER physician before going to B-school, and let’s say I was really nervous about everything – my first day, my first case, my first presentation!

Life as a Management Consulting Intern

Alex B. shares his experience as an MBA-level summer intern at L.E.K. Consulting.

The Top 10 L.E.K. Articles of 2011

We’ve examined a number of issues that have been impacting business leaders during the past year. And below I’ve listed the 10 most popular articles and reports that we published in 2011. Read on and share your feedback!

1) How Strategic Opportunism Creates Luck
Bloomberg Businessweek
Abstract:  Why private equity firms made a fortune off of Snapple after efforts by big corporations fizzled.

L.E.K. Summer Internship Application FAQ

I spotlighted three reasons why you’d get a lot out of spending a summer with us in my last post. Here, I’ve addressed common questions from undergrad and grad students about applying for L.E.K.’s summer internship program.