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Cheering for the Olympics at L.E.K. London

L.E.K. London cheers on the Olympic games

For the past seven years, London has been preparing for the Olympics Games. We knew it was going to be an event like no other – for one thing, when else would a road cycling event begin in a palace?!

L.E.K. Pan-Mass Challenge Team Races for a Cure to Cancer


I want to give a big round of applause to the dedicated bikers who participated in this past weekend’s Pan-Mass Challenge. We had 23 L.E.K.ers and friends cycle a combined 4,392 miles to support cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Under sunny skies and temps in the low 90s, our team pedaled from the Boston area to Cape Cod during the two-day event.

From Summer Associate to Full-Time Associate in Australia

It is about the time of the year when penultimate year students are looking for internships, making it a fitting time to reflect on my experience as a summer associate. My first ever encounter with L.E.K. Consulting was when a friend offhandedly mentioned that L.E.K. was one of the few management consulting firms that had a summer internship program.

L.E.K. Colleague to Participate in Olympic Ceremonies

As eyes all over the world turn to the Olympic games later this week, L.E.K.ers will be paying special attention to the opening and closing ceremonies. Cat W., an Associate Consultant in London, has been chosen for a role drumming during the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. 

Highlights From the Annual London Alumni Event

It was great to see so many familiar faces at our annual London alumni event and hear about some of the interesting things that they are working on now. During our evening at the Dartmouth House, I enjoyed reminiscing with former coworkers and telling some of today’s relatively junior coworkers about “the old days” at L.E.K. (Yes, we managed to work without the help of Google and PowerPoint, but now I’m not quite sure how!).

I’ve shared a few photos of the event below:

L.E.K.’s Top 10 Articles for Q1-Q2 2012

Our reports so far this year have covered everything from strategy management to strengthening your corporate position in China. I’ve gone through the nearly 30 reports published globally and selected my 10 favorites. Read on and share your feedback!

Another Great L.E.K. Fundraiser for the Pan-Mass Challenge

We have been a passionate supporter of the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) for the past few years, which is a 163-mile bike ride to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. One way that we’ve been able to raise more than $700,000 for cancer research via the PMC is through our annual fundraiser to support our dedicated PMC bike team.

L.E.K.’s Stuart Jackson Named one of the Top Management Consultants of 2012

It’s always great to see colleagues get the recognition that they deserve. And that’s one reason why I’m so thrilled to see Consulting Magazine name my good friend Stuart Jackson as one of the top 25 industry leaders of the year. And as people around here (and clients) will tell you, it’s fitting that they selected him for the Excellence in Leadership category.

L.E.K.’s Tour de Cure Team Rides to Support Diabetes Research

One of the things that I love about L.E.K. is everyone’s commitment to supporting important causes. The crew from our New York City office was riding in the Tour de Cure cycling fundraiser this past weekend to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. The course took the team through sunny Manhattan and scenic New Jersey.

On the Ground in Kuala Lumpur on a Due Diligence Case

Earlier this year, my case team helped the Asian arm of a major private equity firm to evaluate the market prospects and growth opportunities surrounding their target, a major restaurant chain. Although I’m based in L.E.K.’s Bangkok office, I’m working in Kuala Lumpur for the duration of the project. Here’s a typical day during the third week of the six-week case.