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L.E.K. London Participates in 'Steps Ahead Mentoring' Program

L.E.K. London is taking part in ‘Steps Ahead Mentoring' which is a volunteer program that supports young job seekers by giving them the opportunity to build skills and experience in the workplace.

L.A. Office Community Service

Over the past year, the L.E.K. Los Angeles office hosted several charity events, all of which were very well attended and supported by our generous staff. But in addition to these events, our staff wanted an opportunity to be out in the community giving back and personally helping to support those in need.

International Travel for Case Work with L.E.K. U.S.A.

If you’re familiar with L.E.K. you probably know that unlike many consulting firms, our case work doesn’t typically require weekly travel. However, some cases offer unique opportunities and recently I had the chance to travel to the Middle East and work on a project for a global airline.

L.E.K. Boston Corporate Volunteer Day - At The Esplanade!

On the afternoon of Saturday May 13th, a group of 25 L.E.K.ers from the Boston office trekked over to the Charles River Esplanade to help with a beautification and clean-up project.

From L.E.K. to Entrepreneurship, Part Two

Like many young professionals, I too have an obsession with entrepreneurship.  In fact, I would spend many of my L.E.K. weekends brainstorming ideas with my now co-founder, James Morrissey. Both James and I spent extensive time living and studying in China before joining L.E.K., and quickly developed a desire to tie those experiences into our professional careers. Last summer, we stumbled upon an actionable idea.

From L.E.K. to Entrepreneurship, Part One

I learned about L.E.K. during my senior year at Indiana University.  After scouring the internet for information on post-undergraduate business opportunities, I was certain I wanted to start my career in strategy consulting.

Preparing for L.E.K.'s Case Study Interviews

This video will guide you through the case study interview at L.E.K.  If you have been invited to an assessment process with L.E.K. then this is the perfect place to begin your preparation.

My USA SWAP Experience

I recently had the opportunity to partake in the swap scheme run at L.E.K., which is an excellent program that gives those with 2-3 years experience the chance to swap places with a colleague in another of our worldwide offices.  I was very lucky as I was able to swap to Boston for six months and then head straight to Chicago for a second three-month swap.

What Makes L.E.K. Unique?

There are a number of things that make L.E.K. Consulting an attractive place to work. Read more to find out what they are.

Transitioning From Academia to Life Sciences Consulting at L.E.K. London

I have always had a strong interest in science and this led me to pursue a PhD in biophysics immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree. However, having spent the time conducting research in an academic environment, I realized that I did not want to pursue this as a career...