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The Non-Traditional Consultant

Prior to my summer at L.E.K. Consulting, I had zero formal consulting experience. I came from an international development background having worked at the World Bank, the Clinton Foundation, and International Union for Conservation of Nature prior to attending business school.

My L.E.K. Swap to Shanghai

I spent the last three months working in L.E.K.’s Shanghai office on a one-way swap along with one of my former Boston colleagues, Kevan (since I recently relocated to the L.E.K. San Francisco office!). I will take you through the culture, the casework, and some of my exploratory experiences while there. 

L.E.K. Consulting's São Paulo Office is Hiring!

L.E.K. Consulting's São Paulo Office is Hiring! Read more to find out L.E.K.'s school presentation schedule as well as the dates for test applications. Interested in becoming an associate or intern with L.E.K. São Paulo? All the information you need is in this post. 

L.E.K. Boston Corporate Volunteer Day at Playworks

L.E.K. Boston’s Community Impact Committee recently held its annual corporate volunteer day in partnership with Playworks Massachusetts. Forty volunteers spent a steamy Friday afternoon in July painting a kickball field, tag area, soccer field, track, murals, and four square courts at the JP Manning Elementary School in Boston.

Socializing With L.E.K. Sydney

I joined L.E.K. as an Associate in the Sydney office a little over a year ago and there hasn’t been a dull moment since. In between working on the most interesting cases, the year has been peppered with a multitude of social initiatives, community engagement activities and office get-togethers.

From Jet Engines to Fertilizer - Making the 'Case' for Consulting

As a new associate at L.E.K., I could not be happier with the direction my life has gone in the last two months. Two months ago I knew little about management consulting, let alone L.E.K.

My L.E.K. Australia Summer Associate Internship Experience

I applied for the L.E.K. Summer Associate program in my penultimate year of my Science degree at Melbourne University as I felt this was the best way to find out if consulting was the right career choice for me straight out of university. Read about my experience in this latest L.E.K. Advisor post.

Stretch Yourself: 4 Career Development Tips

Once you’ve joined L.E.K., it’s time to take your career into your own hands! Guidance will be available, but in the end your progress comes down to being proactive. Here are four ways to help ensure that you are building your skills and taking steps to advance your career. 

Executive Insights: Strategy Activation with L.E.K.Partner Vassilis Economides

L.E.K. London Partner Vassilis Economides explains why businesses often fail to realize the benefits of their strategy and presents L.E.K.'s unique approach to strategy development and implementation: Strategy Activation.  Watch to find out more.

Participating in the Women's Network at L.E.K. Consulting

In this post, my colleague Victoria, a member of L.E.K. Consulting's Women's Network Leadership Committee, discusses the opportunities for both women and men within the firm's Women's Network, including the thought-provoking discussions in office-wide sessions, and smaller mentor group meetings. Starting with communication style, find out how Victoria is taking advantage of L.E.K.'s Women's Network.