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Alumni Spotlight: Janet Lewis Matricciani Brings Famous Landmarks to Life with Multimedia Tours Co.

Many  former L.E.K.ers are doing truly amazing things since they left management consulting, and we’ll be highlighting some of them in this blog. Janet Lewis Matricciani talks about leading a company that provides audio & multimedia tour solutions to some of the most famous sites in the world, including the Taj Mahal and The National Gallery in London. –The L.E.K. Advisor

6 More Articles to Help Advance Your Career

I’m back with six new articles that have good tips to help you with your job search and your career.

1. Can Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Really Get You a Job? (Infographic)
By Business Insider

2. Millennial Career Check: Do You Know Your Boss's Boss?
By Forbes

3. Job Seekers: Get HR on Your Side
By Harvard Business Review

5 Tips for Igniting Your Job Search and Career

Here are a few new articles that I think provide some pretty good advice for your job search and bolstering your career. Enjoy!

1. Genius, Genes and Gusto: How Passions Find You
By Psychology Today
Overview: Celebrate your genetic diversity; follow your unique interests.

6 More Insightful Careers Articles

There’s a lot to think about when searching for the job that’s right for you. And the six articles that I found this week provide some great practical advice. Enjoy!

1. Five Ways to Make a Killer First Impression
By Forbes
Overview:  Tips to ensure you are being judged accurately. 

Making the Most of European Careers Fairs: Putting Personality into the Process

Graduate careers fairs are a fantastic way for us to meet the diverse range of people that are interested in management consulting. It is refreshing to talk to candidates on a one-to-one basis and tell them passionately about the work we do for clients. 

Global Opportunities at L.E.K.

L.E.K. Consulting Associate Kevin C. talks about his international experience at the management consulting firm. (Kevin transferred from the L.E.K. Boston office to the Bangkok office in September.)

5 Articles to Bolster Your Job Search and Career

Another week, another batch of articles to help you navigate the job search process.  Enjoy!

1. Job Seekers: You’re Not As Prepared As You Think You Are
By Forbes
Overview: How to increase your repertoire of critical skills and show that you’ve mastered them.

More Tips to Land a Job and Jumpstart Your Career

I’m back with six more articles to help you with your job search and beyond – from interview tips to bolstering your personal brand. Enjoy!

1. Nine Tips for Moving from Intern to Employee
By CareerBliss
Overview:  Tips to transforming your three-month “interview” into a career.

L.E.K. Consulting Application and Interview Tips

L.E.K. Manager Liz S. shares her tips for acing the application and interview process.