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Day in the Life, First-Year Associate

It’s fast-paced, challenging, and on Fridays you get to do it in jeans: welcome to the life of a first-year associate at L.E.K.!

My Summer Consultancy in London

My name is Avi. I am a second year MBA student at London Business School and an engineer by education.  Before my MBA I worked for 6.5 years at a global water treatment solution provider in various roles. I recently concluded an eight week internship with L.E.K. Consulting as a Summer Consultant and would like to share my experience.

Why L.E.K.?

After my summer internship with L.E.K. in 2011, I spent time thinking about the next step in my career and why L.E.K. would be the right place for me to progress.  While there were many factors that brought me back to L.E.K., including the intelligent and highly engaged people, the high-level challenging work, and the in-office culture, perhaps most important was the management experience I knew I would gain immediately.  When you join L.E.K. out of graduate school, you manage a team of associates right away and the opportunity to gain and develop those skills stood out to me as a key differentiator.  The obvious next question I often get asked is, “that sounds great, but how does L.E.K. prepare you for such a challenging role to walk into on day one??”

Jack P.'s Advice for New L.E.K.ers

Unbelievably, the day is fast approaching when I will no longer be the most inexperienced person in the office.

As I write, a whole new cohort of junior associates will be sitting on far-away beaches, possibly with an economics textbook lingering at the bottom of a rucksack – a silent, nagging reminder of the reality of working life drawing ever closer.

The Consultant Experience at L.E.K.

From managing teams to structuring problems, learn about the reasons why our Consultants value their roles, including the diversity of industries and business problems they have exposure to at L.E.K.


My Summer Consultant Experience - Jeff C.

I had an amazing summer with L.E.K. Consulting after my first year of business school at Johnson. From my first day of training to my last day of casework, L.E.K. delivered a best-in-class internship experience. I’m now in my first year as a Consultant in L.E.K.’s Boston office with a handful of cases under my belt. When current business school students ask me why I decided to return to L.E.K., I walk them through what makes the summer experience here best-in-class.

My Summer Internship Experience - Oliver E.

The culture at L.E.K. has played an important role in making the internship a thoroughly enjoyable experience and reflects on the people centered ethos of the company. The office has a very welcoming atmosphere and everyone in your “office area” is always happy to answer questions or help work through problems with you. This extends beyond the sphere of work, with social events organized once a month to bring the whole office together, which included a trip to a 20-20 cricket match at the Oval and the office summer party on a boat on the Thames.

My L.E.K. Story

I have always been interested in business and, for my first job after graduating from University College London, I wanted the chance to work across a variety of industry sectors.  After thinking long and hard about my future career, I decided that strategy consulting would give me the best opportunity to achieve these goals, so I applied to L.E.K. in London.

My Summer Consultant Experience at L.E.K.

After completing my first year of business school, I anxiously anticipated applying my recently acquired skills and knowledge during my summer internship at L.E.K.’s Boston office.  During the recruiting process, many practicing consultants describe the job as a “continuation” of business school and an extension of its learning curve.  This professed learning and growth opportunity attracted me to the consulting career field.  My experience as a summer consultant (summer C) at L.E.K. was a great introduction to consulting and proved to be a terrific learning experience.

A Day in the Life of a Life Sciences Specialist at L.E.K. Los Angeles

I joined L.E.K. two years ago as a Life Sciences Specialist (LSS) in the Los Angeles office, and since then have been promoted to Senior LSS. Ph.D. and M.D. candidates often ask what a typical day is like as a LSS at L.E.K. I hope to address this question by providing a brief overview of a recent life sciences case, my role and responsibilities as the LSS on the case team, and my activities throughout a typical day on this case.