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Swapping to a Place I'd Never Been

I spent the last three months working in the L.E.K. Shanghai office on a one-way swap along with my colleague Alison, a consultant from the Chicago office. I’d always been keen on going on swap and was interested in working in a country I had yet to visit.

Mentoring Imperial College Consulting Club Projects

L.E.K. mentors teams from the Imperial Consulting Group who are doing student-led consulting projects, helping them run their projects like we would run them.

International Politics and Management Consulting

I didn’t know much about strategy consulting prior to this summer – after all, I am an International Politics major at Georgetown and have never taken a business class before. Needless to say, I was very nervous about my summer internship.

A True Chicagoan for the Summer with L.E.K.

This summer I embarked upon an internship journey at L.E.K. Consulting. As one of the many Northwestern students who lives and breathes consulting, I couldn’t wait to finally get a first-hand taste of this industry I had so aggressively been pursuing.

What L.E.K. Consulting Gave Me

My internship at L.E.K. Consulting gave me many things--even three years before I came to the firm. I detail just a few of the things I gained from L.E.K. during my nine-week internship and prior. 

L.E.K. Consulting ranked among Top-10 Best Firms according to Vault

Working at L.E.K. has been a wonderful experience and apparently a lot of other folks agree! We are pleased to announce that L.E.K. Consulting has ranked among the Top-10 Best firms to work for according to the 2017 Vault Consulting 50 Survey.

Collaborative Teams and Rich Discussions to Crack the Case

I had a fantastic time working as a summer consultant with L.E.K. Consulting in the Los Angeles office. My internship was highly rewarding, and as I reflect on the experience I had over the last nine weeks, many reasons come to mind as to why I enjoyed it. I will expound upon a few of them.

Spending the Summer in Chicago with L.E.K. Consulting

Entering my MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, I sought an internship in consulting because I believed that it would allow me to combine my engineering problem solving skills with the passion for business growth that I developed as a product manager.

My Summer Associate Internship Experience in San Francisco

I joined the L.E.K. San Francisco team during the summer prior to my final year as an undergraduate Business Administration major at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. My choice to pursue consulting was the culmination of my involvement with an on-campus consulting club and ultimately, my indecisiveness.

Summer Outings at L.E.K.

Every summer, the U.S. offices each hold a summer outing. The outing location and activities tend to change from year to year, so we rarely do the same thing two years in a row!