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Why I Chose Consulting After a Ph.D.

I joined L.E.K. two years ago as a Life Sciences Specialist (LSS) in the Los Angeles office, and since then have been promoted to Senior LSS. I am often asked, “Why did you go into consulting after acquiring a Ph.D.?” More brazen people will follow that question up with, “Did you just do it for the money?” I smile and begin to explain that for me and most Ph.D.s in consulting that I know, the pay is not first on the list of reasons for a Ph.D. to go into consulting...

The Truth About Shanghai: My Swap Experience

I write this from the 34th floor of one of the tallest skyscrapers, on one of the busiest shopping streets (Nanjing Road), in the world’s largest city (Shanghai). The West gives China a list of superlatives so my last six months on swap here has been a test to see what life is really like behind all the hype – interspersed with casework of course...  It turns out it is pretty good!

Is an MBA beneficial for a Consultant returning to consulting?

It is 18 months since I returned to consulting following my MBA at INSEAD.  The question I am asked by many associates is “If I want to stay in consulting should I do an MBA?”

L.E.K. Consulting Plans To Snap Up 50 MBAs In 2017

Recently, L.E.K.'s Chief Talent Officer, Lauren Reddy, sat down with Business Because to discuss how L.E.K. plans to actively recruit MBA's looking for strong problem-solving, teamwork, and management skills.

Transitioning from International Politics to L.E.K.

When I started at L.E.K., I wondered if my degree in International Politics (IPOL) from Georgetown had prepared me sufficiently for the challenging work ahead, or whether I instead should have studied business. In retrospect, my worries were unfounded. The learning curve of the associate job is steep and pushes the intellectual limits of every new hire regardless of major. Similar to Hagrid’s description of new students entering Hogwarts, “everyone starts at the beginning” at L.E.K.

Leveraging your Team to Deliver Your Best Work

Now that it’s been about year since I’ve started at L.E.K., the question that I get asked the most is “Was it what you expected?” I typically respond with something generic and appropriate, while on the inside laughing (somewhat hysterically) as the truth is – this isn’t really a job that lends itself well to set expectations.

A Letter to Future L.E.K. Interns

An open letter to the future interns of L.E.K. Consulting. Like many of you preparing for a career in consulting, I spend several months speaking with friends in the field, getting ready for interviews and trying to understand what exactly consulting entailed. There's only so much you can truly prepare for. 

Reflecting Upon my Summer Internship at L.E.K.

As I sit at my desk reflecting on my internship, I still can’t believe how fast the summer flew by and how fantastic my internship experience was.

Our experience Down Under

Our Melbourne swap was incredible as we worked on a great range of projects in a fantastic new city. From a pricing strategy for a clothing retailer, to a strategy re-think for a Tier2 bank, the Melbourne office infused our minds with knowledge in a number of industries.

What Does a Career in Consulting Look Like?

My summer consultant internship experience at the L.E.K. Chicago office flew by this past summer. I had never worked in consulting before and the program was a great crash course in how L.E.K. specifically and consulting generally worked.