L.E.K. Executive Insights: Benefits-Based Promotions with Jon Weber

In a series of thought leadership videos, L.E.K. managing directors take a look at some of our recent published intellectual property, or Executive Insights. The first topic we are exploring is about benefits-based promotions. For instance, what are targeted promotions that really drive a consumer response? L.E.K.'s Jon Weber discusses how retailers can avoid promotional traps by using the benefit-based promotional strategy to garner higher same-store sales and more profitable and incremental sales. According to L.E.K. analysis, the use of new analytics to drive personalization and targeted promotions is the best pursuit for retailers to optimize promotional dollars, but it requires a large investment in technology and people. The alternative benefit-based promotional strategy can help retailers garner success in the interim.

See the full Executive Insights here: http://www.lek.com/our-publications/lek-insights/benefit-based-promotions-strategy-how-to-capture-value

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