Six Helpful Careers Articles from Around the Internet

There is certainly a lot to think about as you dive into your job search – resumes, cover letters, interview tips, etc. To help with this process, I’m passing along a few articles that I think provide some pretty good careers advice.

1. Ten Must-Do Job-Search Tips for Spring 2011 Grads
By Bloomberg Businessweek
Overview: How to research, network and rehearse your way to the head of the job-hunting pack.

2. Volunteer Your Way into a Job
By FINS (from the Wall Street Journal)
Overview: Including volunteer experience on your resume could help you land a job (new survey).

3. How to Captivate and Impress with Your LinkedIn Profile
Overview: Using LinkedIn and social media to highlight your individualism.

4. The 3 Things a Hiring Manager Needs to Know to Hire You
By Brazen Careerist
Overview:  “Killer” questions you must ask yourself prior to the interview.

5. 4 Ways to Write a More Effective Resume
By the Vault
Overview: Tips for making your resume stand out and help you land the best job available.

6. Personal Branding Tips: Be Yourself
By Fast Company
Overview: Three ways to incorporate your individuality into your “business” brand.

I’ll be sharing articles that I think have some really good insights every week or so in a new blog post.

What are the articles and careers resources that you think are especially helpful? I’d love to hear your suggestions. And keep your great questions to me coming about careers, life in management consulting and anything in between.


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