Meet the L.E.K. Advisor

On behalf of everyone at L.E.K. Consulting, welcome to our firm’s new blog. We created this blog to share insights about careers in management consulting, opportunities at L.E.K. and to provide a comfortable (interactive) forum in which to answer your questions. We’re also pleased to introduce the L.E.K. Advisor who is now officially on duty and eagerly waiting to hear from you. The L.E.K. Advisor uses the collective input of our experienced staff to provide insights to undergrad and MBA students about careers in management consulting. Read the press release.

In the coming months, the L.E.K. Advisor will give his best effort to foster an open — perhaps even entertaining — discussion of the great opportunities that await you in a management consulting career. He will be answering questions like those below and many more.

  • Can you describe a typical day in the life of a strategy consultant?
  • What qualities and skills are needed for a career in consulting?
  • How is L.E.K. Consulting different from other firms?
  • Does L.E.K. offer a professional development program and what does some of the training cover?
  • Will a career in consulting afford me the chance to travel?

Tell the L.E.K. Advisor what’s on your mind today. Every question is important. And important questions deserve thoughtful answers. Especially if it results in being able to welcome smart, energetic, talented people into our business.

Let’s go to work. The L.E.K. Advisor is waiting to hear from you!



Having seen the youtube video by Kevin, who was recruited during his time in taiwan, I would like to ask more about L.E.K Consulting's policy on recruiting international students in your europe or United Kingdom summer internship/graduate programmes. I inferred that local students will be subjected to the "only the best from leading undergraduate programmes" criteria, and nothing less will be expected from international students too. But what is it that is different, that you might expect out of an international student and how differently will you judge them.
Hi, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Kevin’s video. You’re right, we do have summer positions in the U.S. and in our London offices. Please go to the Summer Positions page to learn more about this program. Best, The L.E.K. Advisor

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