Fast Facts About Applying to L.E.K. Consulting

We’re back on campus talking to candidates and getting a lot of great questions about the company and the application process. I’ve created a quick FAQ to address some of the most popular questions that we typically receive about applying to L.E.K.

Q:  Where do I apply?
A:  We have an online application process. Visit us at to find additional background on the application process and how you can apply.

Q:  How can I find out if you are coming to my campus?
A: Check out our careers page for listings of campus activities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Q:  What are the application deadlines in the U.S.?
A: In the U.S., the deadlines vary depending on the position and your school’s calendar. Please check the L.E.K. web site for specific application submissions deadline dates. Also, check our web site for additional information about other regions.

Q:  Are all U.S. offices hiring?
A:  Yes, opportunities abound in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Simply make your preference known when you apply online.

Q: Do you sponsor international students who apply for a position in the U.S.?
A:  In the U.S., L.E.K. sponsors international students at the Life Sciences Specialist and Consultant levels. Please apply to your preferred office location. 

Q: Is the application process different if I have been out of school for a while working in industry?
A:  Yes, we evaluate experienced candidates throughout the year. If you are a candidate who is currently working in industry, we encourage you to apply to one of our many openings. For example, if you are post-MBA please apply to the Consultant position.

And although we typically don’t specify an industry focus in our description of open positions, we still encourage qualified candidates to apply. On our web site, you can search for an opening that matches your skill and experience level (e.g., Associate or Consultant). When you apply, you’ll have an opportunity to tell us about your specific expertise and achievements in a particular field.

Q:  Do you recruit for specific industries?
A: If you are a candidate who is currently working in industry, we encourage you to apply to one of our many openings. That said, outside of our Life Sciences Specialist position, the majority of our consulting employees are hired as generalists and are exposed to multiple industries. 

Like I always say, do your “careers” homework and dive into the application process with confidence.

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