Articles to Boost Your Job Search and Career

There is certainly a lot to think about as you dive into your job search, and I’m passing along a few articles that I think provide some pretty good careers advice.

1. Three Key Factors Can Help You Land Your Next Job
By Vault
Overview:  Are you dependable, punctual and able to learn on the job? If so, your job search may be quicker than you think.

2. Seven Tips on Navigating Sticky Workplace Conversations
Overview: Your key to success: knowing how to handle uncomfortable conversations

3. How To: Spruce Up a Boring Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Mashable
Overview:  Be a stand-out candidate: modernize your resume

4. Five Things you Should Never Say in a Job Interview
By MoneyWatch
Overview: Remember, you want them to want you. Be unique.

5. How to Combat the Fear of Approval [VIDEO]
By Keith Ferrazzi
Overview: Business guru Keith Ferrazzi’s advice on conquering your fear of approval when sharing goals. Look inside to solidify who you are.

6. The Impotence of Poofreading
By CareerTipster
Overview: A one letter mistake may be the barrier to your employment.

I’d love to hear your suggestions about careers resources that you think are especially helpful. And keep your great questions to me coming about careers, life in management consulting and anything in between.

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