Alumni Spotlight: Janet Lewis Matricciani Brings Famous Landmarks to Life with Multimedia Tours Co.

Many  former L.E.K.ers are doing truly amazing things since they left management consulting, and we’ll be highlighting some of them in this blog. Janet Lewis Matricciani talks about leading a company that provides audio & multimedia tour solutions to some of the most famous sites in the world, including the Taj Mahal and The National Gallery in London. –The L.E.K. Advisor

I am the CEO of Antenna International. We provide audio and multimedia tours and apps to museums and cultural attractions all over the world. Our products and services are used in 1,200 sites in 53 countries.

You know, you go into the museum, get the device and headset, stick it on your ears and learn about art. Do that and chances are, that’s us you are listening to! We are the biggest in our field in the world. We do content, the software platform, the devices you are holding and, in our larger sites, it is often our staff behind the counter.

I learn a new thing every day – one moment its thinking about improving our operations in France, then a tax issue in Germany, then new commission plans for our salesforce, then a new segment entry plan, expansion into a new country, and so on. I have realized that I really love this kind of a challenge!

What I really learned at L.E.K. is this: you don’t need to go to business school, except for the great network of friends you make, and the fact you get a higher-level job afterwards just because you can put MBA after your name. I had a brilliant time at Wharton, but I had learned 70% of the technical knowledge on the job at L.E.K. It was the most fabulous training in DCF modeling, marketing and financial analyses, and most of all – how to think about business.

It was three of the most exciting years of my life – working regularly until 11:00 PM, and then going out afterward with my colleagues, before showing up at work at 9:00 AM the next morning. What it was to be young, sigh! I still have some of my closest friends from those times – and I left in 1992. I was based at different times in London, Paris and Munich – and travelled to many other places. L.E.K. said “You are using us as a travel agency.” And I replied: “It is YOU who are sending me all these places!” It was such fun!

I guess you could say that experience prepared me for all the international business that I do now, which I still truly enjoy.

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