6 More Insightful Careers Articles

There’s a lot to think about when searching for the job that’s right for you. And the six articles that I found this week provide some great practical advice. Enjoy!

1. Five Ways to Make a Killer First Impression
By Forbes
Overview:  Tips to ensure you are being judged accurately. 

2. Managing Your E-Reputation Facts and Myths [Infographic]
By Come Recommended
Overview:  The internet is a vast collection of personal details – protect yours.

3. How to Uncover Blind Spots When Mapping Your Career Path
By Fast Company
Overview:  The job-searching myths you can’t afford to believe.

4. Stop Looking for a Job, Start Looking for an Opportunity
By Vault
Overview:  Job opportunities are changing; tips for adapting to a new reality.

5. Five Essential Steps to Achieving Your Goals
By American Express Open Forum
Overview:  Don’t let your goals slip away, master these five tips for achievement. 

6. Five Simple Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed [Slideshow]
By Main Street
Overview:  How do you create a stand-out resume? Click through this slideshow to find out. 

Let me know what careers articles you find especially helpful, and I’ll share them in future blog posts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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