6 Articles to Direct Your Career and Job Search

I’m back with this week’s roundup of articles that I think have some pretty good advice about the job search and managing your career.

1. Competitive Job Market? Train Like a Boxer.
By Brazen Careerist
Overview: How to throw punches that will help you land a job.

2. Personal Kaizen [Video]
By John Spence
Overview: How to embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement.

3. Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview
By U.S. News
Overview: Wrong questions can kill an impression; stay clear of these 10 queries.

4. Tips for a Successful Phone Interview
By Vault
Overview: How to leverage a phone interview into a face-to-face meeting.

5. How to Use Blogging to Help You Get Noticed in Your Job Search
By Resunate
Overview: How will you be noticed by recruiters or your dream firm? Create a blog.

6. How Connected Are We? A Second Look [INFOGRAPHIC]
By  Come Recommended
Overview: Why social media is influencing job decisions.

What are the articles and careers resources that you think are especially helpful? I’d love to hear your suggestions. And keep your great questions to me coming about careers, life in management consulting and anything in between.

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