L.E.K. Women's Network

In my former role as head of L.E.K.’s Boston office I had the good fortune to work closely with, and be part of, the L.E.K. Women’s Network (WN). This opportunity allowed me to experience and participate in many of the initiatives and programs that the WN leadership created, promoted and continues to nurture today.

Diversity and Inclusion at L.E.K. Consulting

At L.E.K. Consulting, diversity and inclusion are essential components of our business, and are also deeply embedded in our core values.

Continued partnership: L.E.K. and Partners for Youth with Disabilities

L.E.K is proud to announce their continued partnership with Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD). PYD’s mission is to empower youth with disabilities to reach their full potential by providing transformative mentoring programs, youth development opportunities, and inclusion expertise.

My Boston Consulting Swap Experience

Fun, exciting, thrilling, different yet the same, far yet close, challenging yet comfortable, my swap to Boston was, in a nutshell, a great experience!

Boston Swap to the City of Paris

Having studied and traveled extensively in France, I decided during my A2 year that working in my favorite city of Paris was the best possible next step for me (plus who wouldn’t want to spend summer until Christmas in Paris?) I boarded a plane Saturday afternoon in Boston, landed in France on Sunday afternoon, and was in the office on Rue Paul Cézanne to start my Paris swap on Monday morning.