Set Up for Success

What surprised me most about my summer internship at L.E.K. was the extent to which the firm provided my fellow interns and me with resources that set us up to succeed and ensured we all had enjoyable summers.

Leveraging your Team to Deliver Your Best Work

Now that it’s been about year since I’ve started at L.E.K., the question that I get asked the most is “Was it what you expected?” I typically respond with something generic and appropriate, while on the inside laughing (somewhat hysterically) as the truth is – this isn’t really a job that lends itself well to set expectations.

A Letter to Future L.E.K. Interns

An open letter to the future interns of L.E.K. Consulting. Like many of you preparing for a career in consulting, I spend several months speaking with friends in the field, getting ready for interviews and trying to understand what exactly consulting entailed. There's only so much you can truly prepare for. 

Reflecting Upon my Summer Internship at L.E.K.

As I sit at my desk reflecting on my internship, I still can’t believe how fast the summer flew by and how fantastic my internship experience was.

From London to Shanghai – My Swap Experience

My swap to Shanghai was a fantastic experience. I was warmly welcomed to a smaller office, with more of a ‘family' feel to it, blending the Western working style with local L.E.K. qualities. It was a great opportunity to experience working in a different setting.

Our experience Down Under

Our Melbourne swap was incredible as we worked on a great range of projects in a fantastic new city. From a pricing strategy for a clothing retailer, to a strategy re-think for a Tier2 bank, the Melbourne office infused our minds with knowledge in a number of industries.

What Does a Career in Consulting Look Like?

My summer consultant internship experience at the L.E.K. Chicago office flew by this past summer. I had never worked in consulting before and the program was a great crash course in how L.E.K. specifically and consulting generally worked.

Swapping to a Place I'd Never Been

I spent the last three months working in the L.E.K. Shanghai office on a one-way swap along with my colleague Alison, a consultant from the Chicago office. I’d always been keen on going on swap and was interested in working in a country I had yet to visit.

Mentoring Imperial College Consulting Club Projects

L.E.K. mentors teams from the Imperial Consulting Group who are doing student-led consulting projects, helping them run their projects like we would run them.

Letter from America – Reflections On My Time in San Francisco

2016 had barely rung in before I was packed and ready for the unknown, to a city of fogs, hills, tech start-ups and hipsters. An  adventure awaited that led me to discover things about myself that I never knew I never knew and had a phenomenal time. So, the next time someone suggests I pack my bags and set off into the unknown, I suspect I’ll be pretty quick to say yes!