My Experience as a L.E.K. Associate in Australia


A friend and fellow engineering student first introduced me to L.E.K. by taking me to the graduate recruitment talk at my university. The people and the work seemed interesting and outside the realm of careers I had considered before. I was further encouraged to apply by a few New Zealanders in various L.E.K. offices and was excited by the prospect of a challenging interview process and a trip to Sydney!

L.E.K. Associate Application FAQ for Sydney, Australia

I've recently received several e-mails from candidates interested in the L.E.K. Sydney, Australia office and we are now accepting applications for our Graduate Recruitment Program for Associate opportunities for 2014 in this office. In my latest blog post, I’ve addressed common questions from undergrad and grad students about applying for L.E.K.’s Associate program in Australia. 

Why Management Consulting at L.E.K. Has Proven to be the Right Career Choice for Me

I joined the London office as an Associate just over six months ago and in that time, L.E.K. and management consulting in general has provided me with a rich and rewarding experience. The foremost reasons are the level of responsibility we receive as Associates, the people I work with, the quality of work we strive to deliver as a team and the variety of work in which I am involved. 

Using My Consulting Skills to Foster Social Change

“I became a strategy consultant because I wanted to save the world” is probably not one of the top 10 reasons for joining the profession – “because I wanted to see how business works” “because it would give me professional skills I could use in a variety of environments” or “because it was either that or investment banking” are all likely to be more popular – but there is at least a seed of truth in it for me.

My L.E.K. Consulting Summer Internship as an MBA

When I began my summer internship at L.E.K. in 2011, I had no idea what to expect. I was new to the world of consulting and, like many others, wasn’t exactly sure what “consulting” meant. 

Play Ball: L.E.K. Sports Teams and Other Activities

Gabe R. talks about the L.E.K. basketball team and other company activities

I have been at L.E.K. Consulting for just over a year, and during my time here I have gained an incredible amount of experience. Not only has L.E.K. fostered my professional development, but it has also given me an opportunity to expand my social network through many company events and activities.

My 1-Year Check-up as an Associate

L.E.K. Associate in London looks back at his first year in management consulting

Last month I completed my first year as an Associate at L.E.K. Consulting, and saw it as a good time for a quick review of how things have been to date. In true L.E.K. fashion, I thought I would try to quantify my experience with some key metrics.

Outlook 2013: Surveying the Road Ahead

L.E.K. Consulting 2013 Business Outlook

What does 2013 hold for business? The answer to that question depends on who you ask and what industry they are in.

NYC Consultant Reflects on Her Summer Consulting Experience

Former L.E.K. Summer Consultant Carolyn W. is now full-time in our NYC office.

As I sit here in L.E.K. Consulting’s NYC office at the start of a brand new year with a few cases under my belt as a C1, I find myself reflecting on how my career at L.E.K. got its start. 

The Top-10 L.E.K. Articles of 2012

We’ve examined a number of issues that have been impacting business leaders during the past year. And below I’ve listed the 10 most popular articles and reports that we published in 2012. Read on and share your feedback!