Ben G. Runs the London Marathon in Support of Demelza Children's Hospice

I’ve always wanted to run the marathon and think it’s one of those things most people would like to do, even if it’s just the once.  The main reason I chose to run it this year was because Robbie, the seven year old son of a family friend, recently died following a lifelong battle with leukemia.  Robbie’s death was felt throughout our community. A local charity which supported Robbie and his family, Demelza Children’s Hospice, is an active local fundraiser, and I wanted to give them my support.

My Summer Internship and Beyond

I was apprehensive but excited for my first day as a Summer Associate in the L.E.K. London office back in July 2011. I didn’t quite know what to expect apart from, of course, using the “profit = revenue – cost” equation that my interview preparations had taught me so well.

Why I Decided to Join L.E.K. London

Upon discovering that I’m an American working at L.E.K. London, people often ask me why I chose to work in London – presumably the choice to join L.E.K. itself is a no brainer!  Yet these two choices were intimately linked in the context of my career decision.

What Type of Person Thrives in Management Consulting?

Many different types of people can thrive in consulting - on the team it is important to have a good mixture of people with a variety of skills. However, there are certain common traits that many people working in management consulting will have. I am currently an Associate at L.E.K. and have been working here for a year, so I will write about the qualities I think are important to succeed towards the start of your career. As you progress in your career there are different skills which you must develop, for example the ability to manage other people.

There's No Such Thing as a Typical Route into Consulting

It’s the first day of ‘Orientation’ and I’m one of fifty new Associates from across L.E.K.’s European offices that have gathered in a hotel conference centre for the start of our introduction to L.E.K. The first thing that strikes me is the diversity of backgrounds that my peer group has. We have people straight out of an undergraduate degree, people who have just submitted their PhDs, and people who are coming to L.E.K. from other city careers… and me.

L.E.K. Summer Associate Application FAQ for Shanghai, China

We have begun the recruitment process for Summer Associates in the Shanghai, China office for Summer 2013. Many of you have expressed interest in the L.E.K. China offices so I have included below a FAQ to address some common questions from undergraduate and graduate students about applying for L.E.K.’s Summer Associate program in Shanghai. Read this post to learn more!

A Week in the Life of a Senior Associate Consultant at L.E.K. Paris

I joined L.E.K. one year ago as an Associate Consultant and, since then, I have been promoted to Senior Associate Consultant and have participated in a number of varied cases, including market forecast modelling and business plan assessment, and client presentations to both private equity funds and corporate clients in industries including retail, energy and chemicals.

I carry out different types of work, ranging from project management to client interface, as well as desk research, modelling and PowerPoint presentation set up. This is part of what makes the L.E.K. job so exciting: you always get to work on new things!

London’s Community Service Program Enhances Local Outreach

The Community Service Committee at L.E.K. London is a great way to take a break from the complex world of strategy consulting and take part in effective initiatives which benefit the community around us.

My Swap Experience

I joined L.E.K.’s Sydney office as an Associate in 2010. In the three years since then, I’ve tried to make the most of what L.E.K. has to offer and the Swap programme was definitely one of the highlights. Learn about why I participated in the program and what my swap experience was like in my blog post.

Reflections on Year One at L.E.K. Australia

I still remember the nervous excitement of my first day at L.E.K. and the questions buzzing around my head. Would I like my peer group? Would I enjoy the mystery-shrouded world of management consulting? Would they expect me to know anything about accounting? Learn more about my first-year experience at L.E.K. in this blog post.