My L.E.K. Story

I have always been interested in business and, for my first job after graduating from University College London, I wanted the chance to work across a variety of industry sectors.  After thinking long and hard about my future career, I decided that strategy consulting would give me the best opportunity to achieve these goals, so I applied to L.E.K. in London.

My Summer Consultant Experience at L.E.K.

After completing my first year of business school, I anxiously anticipated applying my recently acquired skills and knowledge during my summer internship at L.E.K.’s Boston office.  During the recruiting process, many practicing consultants describe the job as a “continuation” of business school and an extension of its learning curve.  This professed learning and growth opportunity attracted me to the consulting career field.  My experience as a summer consultant (summer C) at L.E.K. was a great introduction to consulting and proved to be a terrific learning experience.

My Trailwalker Experience

Back in April I was sitting at my desk attempting to estimate the number of police cars in America when my friend and desk-mate Nicky turned to me and asked, ‘How do you feel about walking 100km for charity?’

‘Sure, let’s’, I said, without really listening.

‘In one day. With no sleep’, Nicky clarified, a little bit incredulous that someone as generally wimpy as me would agree so easily.

‘Ok’, I told her, my mind occupied with working out if Texas could be comparable to Alaska.

A Day in the Life of a Life Sciences Specialist at L.E.K. Los Angeles

I joined L.E.K. two years ago as a Life Sciences Specialist (LSS) in the Los Angeles office, and since then have been promoted to Senior LSS. Ph.D. and M.D. candidates often ask what a typical day is like as a LSS at L.E.K. I hope to address this question by providing a brief overview of a recent life sciences case, my role and responsibilities as the LSS on the case team, and my activities throughout a typical day on this case.

Reflecting on My First Year at L.E.K.

I first heard about L.E.K. from a passenger on a flight back from a study abroad program in China. At the time, I had recently decided that I was no longer interested in becoming a medical school professor, which had been a long-time plan of mine, and was actively thinking about what options existed for intellectually stimulating work with an international component. My fellow passenger mentioned L.E.K., and it sounded like an ideal first step out of college – fast-paced, interesting work with brilliant colleagues and international opportunities.  After I spoke with a few current L.E.K.ers, L.E.K. quickly became a top choice for me.

My L.E.K. Consulting Summer 2013 Internship Experience

Everyone knows the management consulting pitch: learning entire industries in a few weeks, being challenged on a daily basis, and working with high-level executives.  I never thought I would experience all three during my summer internship at L.E.K., but I did.  My first day in the office, I was put on a case for a health technology company that needed to know which market opportunities they should pursue.  My team helped get me up to speed by walking me through their work and also directing me to helpful research reports and news articles.

Welcome to Our 2013 Consulting Staff


L.E.K. America’s Region is pleased to welcome our new 2013 consulting staff. In all, 105 undergraduates, MBAs, and PhDs joined our 5 U.S. offices in July and September. Peter McKelvey, President of The Americas, said, “We are thrilled to have such a talented and diverse group joining our team.”

Challenging the Creativity of L.E.K.'s Leadership Team

Every year, the Partners, Principals and Managers from L.E.K. converge from offices around the world for a 3-day conference to address the firm’s strategy for development, discuss new initiatives and opportunities, and celebrate its successes.  It’s a fun and engaging event that forges and strengthens relationships between individuals, offices, and regions, and is a core part of L.E.K.’s ‘one firm’ ethos. Read on to watch a video of our most recent team-building competition.

L.E.K. London & Paris Now Hiring Associates, Summer Associates and Interns

The L.E.K. UK offices in London and Paris are now hiring Associates, Summer Associates and Interns. Read the full post for more details and to apply.

L.E.K. Australia Now Hiring Consultants

The L.E.K. Australia offices in Melbourne and Sydney are now hiring Consultants. Continue reading to learn more about the position and how to apply.