The Christmas Jumper Competition at L.E.K. London

The London Community Service Committee’s Christmas dress-down Friday saw assorted Christmas sweaters, Santa hats, light-up ties, festive socks and Christmas earrings entered into an intensely-fought competition for the award of ‘best outfit.'  L.E.K.’s resident fashionistas awarded prizes for sweaters featuring Christmas puddings and 3D effects, and for a particularly impressive sweater-trouser combination – we think our picture tells the story!

The event helped to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, the UK’s largest children’s hospital.

Sample Case Interview Question w/ Francesco

Practice a case interview with us! My colleague Francesco, an Engagement Manager here at L.E.K., walks you through a market sizing case interview question and answer. Stay tuned for part II in the next few weeks when Chris will take us through a slightly different approach to the same question. Remember, there's never just one right answer.


L.E.K.'s Senior Staff Development Program

Understand how L.E.K. invests in the development of its senior staff and the program in place to guide their progression through the company. The mentoring system and the Career Development Coach ensure our staff always feel supported in their journey within L.E.K. Watch the video to learn more.










My Summer Associate Experience in Boston - Chris R.

Currently, I am an Associate in L.E.K. Consulting’s Boston office, but before starting full time I interned between my junior and senior year at Boston College in 2011. I had minimal exposure to the consulting world before that summer and would have been quite nervous had it not been for L.E.K’s expectations. They did not seem to be looking for an undergrad who had all the necessary skills for the job (probably because he or she didn’t exist). All they seemed to require was the willingness to think critically and to be challenged day in and day out. In return, they offered the exposure to many different business problems and the ability to develop some of those necessary skills. I thought this was more than fair so I dove in, excited for my internship.

The Consultant Experience at L.E.K.

From managing teams to structuring problems, learn about the reasons why our Consultants value their roles, including the diversity of industries and business problems they have exposure to at L.E.K.


L.E.K. L.A.'s First Annual Charity Basketball Game

L.E.K. Los Angeles hosted its first annual charity basketball game on Thursday, October 24th on behalf of Inspire, a pro bono consulting firm dedicated to serving youth and education-focused non-profit organizations. The game pitted The A-Team (Associates) against The L.A. L.E.K.ers (Consultants/Managers/Managing Directors) and was a nail-biter to the very end, with The A-Team winning by only 1 point on a buzzer beater 3 point shot.  Congratulations to The A-Team on their thrilling victory and better luck next year to the The L.A. L.E.K.ers!

My Summer Consultant Experience - Jeff C.

I had an amazing summer with L.E.K. Consulting after my first year of business school at Johnson. From my first day of training to my last day of casework, L.E.K. delivered a best-in-class internship experience. I’m now in my first year as a Consultant in L.E.K.’s Boston office with a handful of cases under my belt. When current business school students ask me why I decided to return to L.E.K., I walk them through what makes the summer experience here best-in-class.

Preparing for the Recruitment Experience at L.E.K.

Take advantage of this video to recognize the skills required to work at L.E.K. and understand what we look for during the assessment process. Listen to individual experiences from my colleagues in London and benefit from the tips they provide on how to tackle case study questions.

My Summer Internship Experience - Oliver E.

The culture at L.E.K. has played an important role in making the internship a thoroughly enjoyable experience and reflects on the people centered ethos of the company. The office has a very welcoming atmosphere and everyone in your “office area” is always happy to answer questions or help work through problems with you. This extends beyond the sphere of work, with social events organized once a month to bring the whole office together, which included a trip to a 20-20 cricket match at the Oval and the office summer party on a boat on the Thames.

Video: Life in the London Office

We are proud of our working environment at L.E.K. Watch this video to gain an insight into life at our London office, where accessible senior staff and a diverse peer group create a great team experience, and an active social committee ensures the fun continues outside the office…