L.E.K.’s Stuart Jackson Named one of the Top Management Consultants of 2012

It’s always great to see colleagues get the recognition that they deserve. And that’s one reason why I’m so thrilled to see Consulting Magazine name my good friend Stuart Jackson as one of the top 25 industry leaders of the year. And as people around here (and clients) will tell you, it’s fitting that they selected him for the Excellence in Leadership category.

L.E.K.’s Tour de Cure Team Rides to Support Diabetes Research

One of the things that I love about L.E.K. is everyone’s commitment to supporting important causes. The crew from our New York City office was riding in the Tour de Cure cycling fundraiser this past weekend to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. The course took the team through sunny Manhattan and scenic New Jersey.

On the Ground in Kuala Lumpur on a Due Diligence Case

Earlier this year, my case team helped the Asian arm of a major private equity firm to evaluate the market prospects and growth opportunities surrounding their target, a major restaurant chain. Although I’m based in L.E.K.’s Bangkok office, I’m working in Kuala Lumpur for the duration of the project. Here’s a typical day during the third week of the six-week case.

4 Articles to Help Sharpen Your Resume/CV

A strong resume can grab the attention of recruiters and help you shine throughout the entire recruiting process. I wanted to share a few tips on making your resume standout – whether it’s the traditional printed resume or an online version.

1) Top-10 Management Consulting Resume Tips

2) Resume Tips
Articles for Australia

L.E.K.'s Six Most Popular Thought Leadership Pieces in Q1

We’ve covered a number of important business issues in Q1. And below I’ve listed the six most popular articles and reports that we published across the globe so far this year. Read on and share your feedback!

Recipe for Answering a Brewery Case Interview Question

L.E.K. Consulting's David T. serves up a sample management consulting interview case question about a struggling brewery, and walks through the process of analyzing the information and developing your answer.

Checklist for Selecting the Best Management Consulting Firm for You

As someone who just went through the recruiting process in Australia, I wanted to share some of my experiences. In terms of the recruitment process, the interviews themselves are quite an intense process and that comment applies to all management consulting firms not to L.E.K. specifically. 

My Path from College to L.E.K. Australia

Because I’ve only been working at L.E.K. Australia for less than a month, I’m not an expert on a typical day here. However, I can share some insights into my path here and my early days at the firm.

4 Case Interview Prep Videos for Management Consulting

Back when I was in the middle of my search for a management consulting job, I looked high and low for case interview prep questions to help sharpen my interview prep skills. I’ve found four videos that I think have great tips. Enjoy!

1. Recipe for Answering a Brewery Case Interview Question (video)
By L.E.K. Consulting

2. How to Approach a Case Interview (video)
By MBA Podcaster