What are We Looking for in a Consulting Colleague? (Video)

I’m fortunate to have an intelligent group of colleagues that I truly enjoy working with every day. Some of them -- from our global chairman to consultants -- sat down to share the skills and traits that L.E.K. is looking for in team members. Some keys that they highlight are leadership ability, an innate interest in problem solving, collaboration and more. Watch this video to hear it straight from them.

Why Consulting, and Why Apply to L.E.K.? (Video)

I’m excited to introduce a new YouTube playlist for recruiting and careers information that will feature a number of videos with L.E.K.ers talking about a range of topics – from skills required for success in management consulting to interview tips. And we’ve got perspectives from all levels covered – from the global chairman who co-founded the company (Iain Evans) to more junior consulting colleagues.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance at L.E.K. (Video)

Work-life balance is an important part of our culture here. In this video, my L.E.K. colleagues weigh in on a number of work-life balance issues, including how they juggle their careers and personal life, work-life balance initiatives at L.E.K. and more.

Question of the Week: What Does L.E.K. Stand For?

I get great questions from around the world on topics such as life in management consulting, the dreaded interview process and sometimes anything in between. Because some of you may also find this information helpful, I’ll begin including one Q&A right here each week. 

My first question comes from Annie. Question: What do the initials L.E.K. stand for?

The Role of a Post-MBA Consultant in a Due Diligence Case

A Consultant’s role on an L.E.K. due diligence case

I have just finished a case in the shipping industry and wanted to share some of the highlights of what a post-MBA consultant does at L.E.K.

The L.E.K. Mission: Culture of Excellence, Collaboration & Growth (Video)

L.E.K. President of North America Stuart Jackson talks about the company’s unwavering commitment to “move the needle” for clients. And he also shares how he helps to maintain a culture that provides a fun and rewarding experience for all employees.

How to Get a Consulting Job; Tips & Advice from L.E.K.’s Chief Talent Officer

eFinancial Careers provides great information for professionals who are deciding how to put their analytical skills to work. To better understand the career opportunities in management consulting, eFinancial Careers Writer Myra Thomas recently held a Q&A session with Kristine Hyde, chief talent officer for L.E.K. Consulting‘s North America region.

Welcoming New Consultants to London: Training, Orientation and More

New Consultant Orientation in London

The London office would like to welcome its September 2012 new joiners to the team. After an intense two-week training period, they will begin their career in Consulting on some exciting and dynamic cases, which will be a fantastic start to their career.

The Vault Consulting Rankings: L.E.K. Earns High Marks

I love working at L.E.K., and so do a lot of other folks who gave L.E.K. such high scores in the 2013 Vault Consulting 50. Every year the Vault surveys employees about the issues that they care about the most, and then develops company rankings across a number of industries.

New Tips and Insights for Landing Management Consulting Jobs

Now that you’re back on campus, we are officially kicking-off our fall recruiting activities. And I’m thrilled to be back for a second season to provide you with tips on landing a management consulting job, an inside look at L.E.K. and more. We’re highlighting the recruiting process at all levels – undergrad, MBA, advanced degree (PhD) and experienced hire.