The Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about L.E.K. Recruitment

Q: As the website describes, summer internships appears to only be for undergraduates. Is there another summer internship program for graduate students?

A: We offer internships for undergraduate students (summer associates) as well as MBA students (summer consultants).

Q: Do you have to have a Ph.D. in a life sciences area in order to become a life sciences specialist (LSS) at L.E.K.? Are other Ph.D.s considered?

A: Yes, L.E.K. is primarily seeking candidates with Ph.D.’s in life-science related areas for the life sciences specialist position. Other science-related Ph.D.s may offer relevant experience, so you are encouraged to ask me if your degree meets the needs of the LSS.

Q: Are life sciences specialists hired outside the U.S. or are the opportunities only within U.S. offices?

A: The life sciences specialist position is specific to U.S. offices, and life-science related positions in non-U.S. offices do not recruit from the U.S.

Q: It doesn’t look like L.E.K. recruits at my school. I am very interested in management consulting and L.E.K. Am I allowed to apply since L.E.K. doesn’t actively recruit at my university?

A: Yes, you can apply through L.E.K.’s website by choosing the “General” application for the position and office that you are interested in.

Q: Who do I address my cover letter to in the U.S.?

A: Your cover letter can be addressed to the following individuals, depending on the office and position you are applying to:

Associate position:
Boston and New York offices: Amanda Weber
Chicago office: Lauren Klikuszowian
San Francisco and LA offices: Meryll Locquiao, Lindsey Methia

Consultant position:
Boston and New York offices: Pam Bolotin
Chicago office: Lauren Klikuszowian
San Francisco and LA offices: Meryll Locquiao, Lindsey Methia

Q: I am located overseas but I wish to apply for the associate role in a U.S. office. Do you offer sponsorship for the associate level? What about the consultant role or the life sciences specialist role?

A: No, L.E.K. does not sponsor visas at the associate level. However, sponsorship is offered for the consultant and life sciences specialist positions.

Q: I am currently in a Master’s program, but not an MBA program. Am I still eligible to apply for the Consultant role?

A: No, the consultant role is specifically for individuals who have completed their MBA.

Q: Is recruitment done on a rolling basis? Will I be able to apply for the LSS position in the spring? When would I be expected to start if I apply in the fall?

A: No, recruitment is not done on a rolling basis. The recruitment process occurs in two waves. In the fall (beginning in September), L.E.K. accepts applications for full-time positions that will start during the following year (typically in the summer or fall). Then, beginning in January, L.E.K. accepts applications for summer internship positions. LSS applications are only accepted during full-time recruitment in the fall.

Q: When does recruitment happen for the summer associate program in the U.S.?

A: Recruitment for the U.S. summer associate program begins in January and typically runs into mid-February. 

Q: If I have no location preference, which position should I apply to on the website?

A: When applying through our website, you will be required to choose a location. You can note whether you are willing to accept other locations as well. 

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